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104 8 Ironfront official Forums
27/01 by Gunter Severloh
General Discussion on anything.
552 68 Mission files for IFA3 - wher...
7 hours ago by shaunyams
Ironfront Player Groups
Post your group/clan details here.
563 44 ***Major Mayhems Iron Reich C...
Yesterday at 00:37 by Gunter Severloh
Ironfront Screenshots
Post your screenshots here, no discussion and keep photo width to 1000 pixels max please plus no picture over 100kb (100000bytes) in size.
43 3 In Game Screenshots (2)
26/07 by Gunter Severloh
Ironfront Videos
Post your ingame videos here. No discussion.
55 9 A great Iron Front short
22/01 by ***=Major Mayhem=***
     User Created Missions and Scripts
Mission Editing & Scripting
A place to discuss all aspects of mission creation.
1009 191 Searchlights not working?
12/07 by Foxsch
Released Scripts
Completed Scripts
219 38 Deploy Camo Net and drop an A...
28/06 by Foxsch
A place to discuss and link your own campaign missions
34 3 Tank Clash East of Warsaw, 29...
09/08/14 by Gunter Severloh
Coop Missions
Anything related to the Coop side of the game
210 25 IFL44 Coop mission pack
14/07 by sander
PvP Missions
Discuss all aspects of the player versus player game
45 12 Altis Life - 1944
05/04 by Gunter Severloh
Singleplayer Missions
Anything related to the single player side of the game
262 11 Missions by
21/07 by Foxsch
Official Missions
Discuss the official missions
21 4 Russian Campaign, Mission 7 (...
13/06 by kju
Planned Assault
A web based mission creation tool for singler player
- - No posts
     Mods, Addons and Textures
In a perfect world.......... an Ironfront Wishlist?
Discuss vehicles/weapons/maps/features that in a perfect world would be in Ironfront
196 3 Iron Front Wish List
22/05 by Foxsch
Mods, Addons & Textures
A place to discuss mods, addons and textures
499 32 North African Campaign '41-'4...
24/06 by TurkishSoap
Released Mods, Addons and Textures
Post your community released working mods, addons or textures here
309 22 @GEIST_A3
2 hours ago by Gunter Severloh
     Iron Front as a mod in Arma2CO & Arma3
Arma2CO Iron Front Mod Info/Download
All things related to running Iron Front as a mod in Arma2CO
27 5 Stalingrad Spring mission
01/06 by Foxsch
Arma3 Iron Front Mod Info/Download
All things related to running Iron Front as a mod in Arma3
48 8 Will there be an update
25/07 by Barto
     Iron Front Revival
Information about Iron Front Revival projects
823 9 IFA3WarMod - (WIP)
26/07 by Euronymus
Discussion on the mission repository site
157 7 MR News
23 hours ago by Gunter Severloh
About the Game 59 11 Tank Armour and Damage
08/02 by rowdied
Content 6 6 Soviet Armed Forces - ingame
05/04/13 by Gunter Severloh
Help 184 32 Artillery
08/09/14 by Joe98
     Game Patches, Bug Reporting and Other IF Forums
Official Patches & DLC
Links for official patches and the DLC for the game
18 4 patches
24/09/13 by Santa Six
Unofficial Ironfront Patch
Discuss a current WIP on creating unofficial patches
67 1 Unofficial Ironfront Patch
16/01/14 by Joe98
Game Bug Reporting
Report any bugs found within the game, missing textures, map issues, vehicle problems and weapon issues.
74 17 The M1 Garand and the M1 Carb...
30/06 by Foxsch
BIS Ironfront Forum
A link to Bohemia Interactive's Ironfront forum
- - No posts
Other Games
Discuss other games here
90 14 Arma2 + Invassion44 missions
29/03 by
     Off Topic
Off Topic
Any item unrelated to Iron Front specifically. Pics to be max size of 100kb.
116 19 Impressive WWII battle recons...
19/06 by irontiger
WWII History
As the title suggests, anything related to WWII history. Pics to be max size 100kb.
119 8 D-Day 360
04/07 by Foxsch
     Rules & Support
Forum Support
Please discuss forum issues here
14 7 Refresh topic
09/10/13 by Shrck
Forum Rules 1 1 Rules
02/03/13 by Tayuk
Game Support
Discuss any issues you have with the game here. Only expect user responses.
97 14 Community Project E missing s...
04/04 by chilemike

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