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20.Panzer-Division "Höllensturm" (Hellstorm) is a realism unit for the Iron Front mod for arma 3. We potray the real 20.Panzer-Division but with custom orginization to it. We strive for military tactics and teamwork but also aim to have fun in our division. We do not strive for a full on Military realism here, but we do use german names (wich can be anything execpt any names that made any crimes from the war or anything like that), german ranks, medals and awards, promotions etc etc.


We use 2 Regiments that were part of the division:

Panzer Regiment 21, 3. Panzer-Kompanie (Our armor regiment)

Panzer Grenadier Regiment 112, 7. Kompanie (Our mechanized infantry regiment)


More of our full orginization can you find further below

  • Realism Unit based on real Panzer Division from World War 2.
  • Division eager to accept anyone to be part of our unit.
  • Fun, yet realistic PvP's and also Coop
  • Voice-to-voice communication through ACRE
  • Respectful and non-judging unit that will never discriminate you, and even if - they will be facing serious sanctions.

Our Event days are yet to be set


We do not care what race, where you from or how good your english is to the unit. As long as you can accept our requirements then you will be fine



  • Mature and serious players (Minimum age of 15).
  • Players who are able to communicate in English reasonably. (accents don't matter!)
  • Players who are eager to learn and improve their skills.
  • Players with microphones to communicate smoothly throughout the events.
  • Active members. Always tell us in good time if you cannot show up for trainings or events. We have a roll call every Sunday to Monday
  • People who are able to attend the server and forums around GMT+1, (Sweden, Netherlands, Poland, Germany etc.) mainly around afternoon and evenings. (Times yet to be set)
  • Players who are able to co-operate with others, we are all in this together lads!
We do not have alot of requirements for our unit as you can see from the above. More information can be given to you via Steam or on teamspeak: 42ndarmcoy.teamspeak3.com
  • Website: Yet to be made
  • Orginization
  • Roster
  • Ranks
  • Rules and Regulations - TO BE ADDED
  • Application Papers - Applications are made via my steam: palla__08 till we get a website
For now our unit is still in the building stage and for now we are just 2 people, possible more coming on, if you feel like you want to be part of something new and help build it up with maby your ideas? Add me on steam and apply now! My steam: palla__08



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Updated above with more information
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