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Seems to be a lot of Crash to Desktop when a tank blows up and the turret flies off

this seems to be a real issue in bigger missions, I've suggested players reduce their " shadows "
and " View Distance "



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Gunter Severloh

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Thanks for posting Major,
As you mentioned this when we were on TS, it can be a number of things i would think, we would need the
same situation to happen as we had talked about for anyone to test it while looking away from the explosion, as from
what im getting and I haven't had it happen for me ingame yet, but i can onyl assume 2 things, that it has to do with a user's settings,
and or the script being fired for the explosion, or both.

We would need one of the coders/scripters to look at it and test it and see what they find, hopefully it can be solved, as explosions not so
much common but depending on this situation with whatever shell you hit a tank with. i will add this to the unofficial patch thread for IF.

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