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EDIT: I have copy & pasted this from a thread I made on the original forums, just in case they go down again. I am not entirely sure if I should still make this, but after witnessing the success of these forums I am thinking about it.

EDIT #2: I am not experienced in the mission editor, but I do know how to make videos. Maybe this could be a community project; we all plan out how the campaign should go, I make video cutscenes, some people make the actual missions themselves, some of us provide voice acting (I got a lot of talented people as contacts I can call upon, some who voiced well-known video game mods (e.g. Point of Existence for BF2)) etc.

Hey there, I want to start a project for IF44 for the D-Day DLC which I felt was absent; a D-Day (American) Campaign. 

I want to create at least five or six different missions (some missions to do with infantry, one or two involving tanks and one involving air support with P-47's), each with an intro and an outro (through pre-rendered videos, not actual ingame cinematics (I feel that the ingame cinematics in ArmA II just limits you and takes up way more time than necessary)) and have the ability for three other people to join you as well. 

I want to make it as historically accurate as possible without sacrificing gameplay (so, not too historical, but historical enough as to educate anyone who were to play it and find out what happened around Omaha during D-Day, before, during and after the beach landing). However, I need help on the history side of things in order to do that. I mean, sure, I know the basic story of what happened during Omaha and the rest of D-Day, but I don't know the names of the divisions/companies, all of the important people, tactics that were actually used or all the little engagements that occurred after the beach landings etc. 

Oh and just for everyone's info, I can make pretty good-looking videos using my Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere).

Example (this was just a test 3 years ago, I'm a lot better at it than I was back then. Don't worry, I won't make my videos in this sort of futuristic style, that would be weird in a WWII setting):

So, to start the story, I'd sort of like to start before D-Day happens; explain briefly how the idea was conceived, when they would do it, what would happen, but with enough visual detail (animated maps, some real captured footage etc) to allow the viewer to sort of get a picture about the scale of the operation and other things. 

Example (sort of in the style of this video, but not as action-packed of course)

After that, I'm not sure. What should the first mission be? An airborne mission (keep in mind that we don't have proper US airborne models and stuff, so quality may suffer a little), or do the D-Day Landing mission (but... better than the one made by AWAR, and more true to what happened (it lasted for a long time, so the mission could be split into two parts; first part landing and managing to find cover, a little bit of dialogue, a short cutscene as to why Omaha was so bloody brutal, and then the second part when they finally start to push out and then clear the bunkers)?

Yeah, I just need some help on how I should go about structuring the campaign with some historical help as well. 

EDIT: And, before anyone suggests this, I do not want to have to make a fictional story about a soldier who goes through D-Day and lives, that is just cheezy as hell and I don't think there is enough content in the DLC for me to do that without it becoming too boring. This campaign should be left open-ened to make it feel like you are actually there or spectating what really happened during Omaha. And if the person you play as dies in the mission, and there is another person in your squad that can be taken over, you should be able to take over that person to continue the mission; I hated the way in ArmA II co-op, if you or one of your squad members die, the mission is just failed instantly. People, especially during WWII, die a lot in a war, the experience should reflect that.

I do want to however, after the missions are completed, have an outro which ends on a cliffhanger after Omaha is completed, which will basically imply "will AWAR continue with the Allied content in the future?" by saying maybe that "this was just the first small step on a longer path", sort of thing.

EDIT #2: 

Planned Campaign Timeline

• Video Cutscene #1 D-Day Briefing - Briefly describing why D-Day was planned, the actual plans etc. Visually rich, lighter on the descriptive side.

• Video Cutscene #2 – Mission #1 Briefing - Airborne mission - Why airborne was sent to Utah, who they were

• Mission #1 - Airborne
Video Cutscene #2.1 – Mission #1 Intro - Very short; mission beginning, mainly just audio with a black screen
Mission #1 – Airborne - Semi-fictional mission of mis-drop behind Omaha (supposed to be behind Utah, mistakenly dropped behind Omaha instead. Paratroopers have to link up with as many other mis-dropped paratroopers in the area, do any optional objectives (I'll see if I can have alternative scenarios in my campaign; e.g. if they take out a roadblock, you won't need to encounter them in a later mission, but don't get your hopes up), travel west (implying that they're on their way back to where they were supposed to be dropped; near Utah).
Video Cutscene #2.2 - Mission #1 Outro - Very short; shows paratroopers on their way to Utah.

• Video Cutscene #3 Mission #2 Briefing - Briefly describes Omaha beach landings + supports before landing (e.g. naval bombardment to bunkers, bombing runs, ranger-led Point du Hoc operation eliminating artillery to the west of the beach etc) + objectives, predicted enemy strength, good luck.

• Mission #2 - Omaha Beach - Part 1
Video Cutscene #3.1 - Mission #2 Intro - Very short, like before
Mission #2 - Get from one end of the beach to the other and then stay there for a while; listen to dialogue, etc. If you die then you automatically take control of any other surviving members from your squad of (roughly) 30 people (since it will be hard to survive). I'm thinking of not allowing players to be the squad leader, since it's better for you to be thinking about your own safety.
Video Cutscene #3.2 - Mission #2 Outro - Very short, implies that they'll be there for a while; they cannot push forward.

• Video Cutscene #4 Mission #2 Explanation + Mission 3 Briefing - First part of video explains why Omaha beach was so bloody (some key points: failure for naval bombardment to soften defences, not a single bombing run hit coastal defences, Point du Hoc artillery were fake; artillery still out there. Finally, Rommel personally oversaw the construction of defences on the beach earlier due to an Allied beach landing in the North Africa campaign of roughly the same terrain/shape (will go into more detail in video about that). Some footage of the carnage that ensued in the game + real life. 

Second part of video explains current situation of Omaha and the consequences if the landing does indeed fail. Explains briefly what needs to be done to get out of the stalemate.

• Mission #3 - Omaha Beach - Part 2
Video Cutscene #4 - Mission #3 Intro - Very short, again, like the others
Mission #3 - Press onward and clear defences. Like the other Omaha beach mission; if you die, you take command over another in your squad of roughly 20 - 30 men. After you enter first bunker in order to clear it, a trigger orders Germans to either surrender/retreat and have more American soldiers spawn on the beach to advance up the hill. Two P-47's then fly over ahead, mission ends.
Video Cutscene #4 - Mission #3 Outro - Very short; American soldiers moving up the beach with less resistance, German POW's. Casualties shown.

• *To be continued*

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Thanks Jinzor, welcome to the new forums. I hope you go ahead and make this, it will a great addition 
Gunter Severloh

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Welcome to the new IF forums, what took you so long to get here, lol
glad to see your still have the interest in the campaign you were discussing on the IF official forums, it would be an interesting campaign
to see and play ingame, you almost need a couple of mission makers devoted to this , or at least one good one to make it happen.


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Is there still take-up on this? *Bump ~
Mission Repository -


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This sounds like a really good idea, it would be awesome if you was to finish it! [smile]

Dirty Haz
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