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There are two type of editing in the game, one for missions and one for addons and modifications.
Some of the commands, and syntactics are the same, but there are many differents too. In this page we try to make
you a short guide to navigate you in the world of mission and addon editing. But be strong, it's won't be easy.
Arma 2 experiences can be very useful here.


Mission Editing

Diferent levels

First of all you can choose what way you want to create missions, one easy and one complicated.

  • Built-in mission editor only.
  • Built-in mission editor plus script and code files, write cycles and use different commands.

Each way is goo, but even if you can create mission with only the built-in editor, it's just a basic, so you can't make
complicate and really good missions in only that way. The use of script files are bit harder for a usual player, because
it's important to known the basic of the programing, but don't be afraid, it's not so hard to learn it.

Basics of the Built-in Editor

Even if the built-in editor not looks complicated, but can do so much, and if you want to make good missions,
then very important to know how it's working, and what can it do.
To help you we created a Guide for the Basics of the Built-in Editor.

Basics of the scripting

If you don't have this kind of experiances, then maybe it's will take a time to understand everything,
but thats why we created a Guide for the Basics of scripting.

Script commands

Upon these things, probably you need some command that you can use to "lead" the game.
About those you can read more at the Script commands page.


To know the units, and how to call them in the game you need to know their class. For this we made a page in this wiki,
where you can find the units, vehciles, weapons and other things/object's "callname". For this, please visit the classlist page.


Addon and modification making

"Currently the addon making is disabled."

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