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Originally posted by Mlacix on DS Forums
Basic information:

Game name: Iron Front: Liberation 1944
Short name: IF44 or if44
Official website: website
Official Facebook page: FB page
Unofficial Steam group: Steam group page
Game type: FPS/MILSIM(military simulation)
Release date: May 25, 2012

  • Germany
  • Soviet Union
Confirmed Equipments:

  • Units
    • Crewman (Grey)
    • Crewman (Black)
    • Officer
    • Infantry (Regular)
    • Infantry (Camo)
    • Luftwaffe Pilot
  • Vehicles
    • Land
      • Tanks
        • Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger II Ausf. B
        • Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf. H
        • Panzerkampfwagen V Panther Ausf. A
        • Stug III (possible Ausf. G with long gun)
      • Transport vehicles
        • Sdkfz. 251/1 Hanomag (with MG42)
        • Opel blitz (different transport variant)
        • Opel blitz (MEDEVAC)
        • Opel blitz (refuel variant)
        • Opel blitz (repair or rearm variant ?)
        • Kübelwagen
        • Sdkfz. 6-7-8-9-10 ??? (transport and towing halftruck)
        • Sdkfz. 6-7-8-9-10 ??? (AA variant with Flak 38)
      • Others
        • MG42 "static"
        • 8 cm Granatwerfer 34 mortar "static"
      • Guns
        • Flak 30 (20mm and with 1 gun)
        • Flak 38 (20mm and with 4 gun)
        • PaK 40 (75mm)
    • Air
      • Focke-Wulf Fw-190-F8
      • Junkers Ju-87 Stuka
    • Sea
  • Weapons
    • Pistols
      • P38 Walter
    • Small arms
      • Mauser Karabiner 98k (ironsight)
      • Mauser Karabiner 98k (with scope)
      • Maschinenpistole 40 (MP40)
      • MG42
      • Stg 44
    • Launchers
      • RPzB (88mm RPzB rocket ammunition)
    • Special
      • M24 granate (two different)
      • M39 granate
      • Nebelhandgranate 39
      • PWM AT
    • Backpack
      • GrWr34 mortar barrel (Ger)
      • GrWr34 mortar tripod (Ger)
      • Sapper backpack (Ger)
      • Radio (Ger)

Soviet Union
  • Units
    • Crewman (Black)
    • Officer
    • Infantry (Regular)
    • Assault Engineer
    • Scout(Sapper/SF)
    • Sniper
    • Russian Pilots (brown)
  • Vehicles
    • Land
      • Tanks
        • T-34-76
        • T-34-85
        • JS-2
        • JS-122 '43
        • SU-85
      • Transport vehicles
        • ZIS-5 (truck)
        • ZIS-5(Radar variant)
        • ZIS-5(Refuel variant)
        • Studebaker US6
        • Willys Jeep
        • M3 Scout Car
      • Others
        • M M1910 (also called as "Maxim") "static" machinegun
        • Katjuscha BM-13N
      • Guns
        • 82-PM-41 (82mm mortal)
        • 76 mm divisional gun M1942 (ZiS-3)
        • Bofors 40 mm AA gun
    • Air
      • Petjakov PE-2
      • P-39R Cobra
    • Sea
  • Weapons
    • Pistols
      • Nagant m1895
      • Tokarev TT33
    • Small arms
      • PPSch-41 (with diferent magazines)
      • Maschinengewehr Degtjarjow DP-27
      • Mosin–Nagant
      • Mosin–Nagant (Sniper)
    • Launchers
    • Special
      • RG42
      • Satchel charge (1kg)
      • Detonator
      • POMZ-2 trip-ware
      • Wire
      • M3 anti-infantry mine
      • TM-44 anti-tank mine
      • F1 grenade
      • RPG6 AT grenade
      • PMD-6 anti-infantry mine
      • Sapper tools (?)
    • Backpack
      • Maxim machinegun tripod (SU)
      • Maxim machinegun barrel (SU)
      • Sapper backpack (Red Army)
      • Radio (SU)

  • Poland - Baranow
  • Ukraine - Ivachev
  • Ukraine - Panovo
  • Poland - Staszow

Game features:

  • Completely new gameplay, coming out from the technical and tactical level of the history period.
  • Large-scale battles involving infantry, tanks and planes that re-enact a realistic development of the summer offensive of 1944.
  • Over 40 vehicles and planes, including the Königstiger, the Katyusha, the Focke-Wulf Fw-190 and the notorious Stuka.
  • Huge arsenal with authentic weapons, such as the Mauser Karabiner, the MP 40 and grenades, mines, etc.
  • Tactical combat and commands to troops and vehicles for a realistic “in the thick of it” feeling.
  • Advanced game systems, such as realistic damage models for tanks, destructible environment, hitching and unhitching artillery, etc.
  • Two campaigns, giving the choice to play for Wehrmacht or the Red Army across eight missions, against an authentic backdrop.
  • Varied mission objectives and a thrilling story of the final months of the war.
  • Extensive multiplayer capabilities, with cooperative and PvP battles.
  • Editor for creating your own missions.
  • New interface.
  • Possibility to tow and transport the artillery with the help of trucks.
  • Rich and fully destructible environment of the Southeastern Poland of 40' years with workable interiors of the buildings.
  • Dynamical system of destruction of cars, trucks and artillery, giving the possibility to break them into pieces.
  • Both side will speak on they own language.
  • Rifle animations(not only reloading).
  • Possible to carry body's(wounded soldiers).
  • Openable truck doors(with animation).
  • Tanks can carry troops on the top of it. (New)
  • Backpacks. ("pickup-able" radio backpack)
  • New reload animation.
  • Weapon sight switch.
  • Weapon mounting.
Game requirements(not confirmed, based on ArmA2):

Minimal PC Requirements
OS: Windows XP / Windows 7 / Vista
Processor: Dual-core Intel Core 2.4 GHz or AMD Athlon 2.4 GHz
Memory: 1 GB
Graphics: Nvidia Geforce 8600GT or ATI Radeon 3650 or faster with Shader Model 3 and 512 MB VRAM
Hard Drive: 10 GB free HDD space

Optimal PC Requirements

OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel Core i5 or AMD Athlon Phenom X4 or faster
Memory: 2 GB
Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GTX 260 or ATI Radeon HD 5770 or faster with Shader Model 3 and 896 MB VRAM
Hard Drive: 20 GB free HDD space

Iron Front – Liberation 1944 is set in Southern Poland during the Soviet Offensive in the summer of that year, when the infantry and tank as well as aircraft units of the Red Army and the Wehrmacht engaged in fierce combat. It was the first time in history that the "Königstiger" tanks fought with the powerful JS2 soviet tanks.

The Germans’ objective is clear – consolidate and regroup the remaining troops, stop the Red Army’s advance at all cost, or at least slow it down. As a Red Army soldier, the task less complex, but no less challenging: Break the resistance to enable an attack on Germany. Starting out as a simple soldier on either side, you will experience nerve-wracking, tactical combat – always caught between your orders from your senior, and reality on the battlefield. In the course of the story, both protagonists will be promoted to command tanks and even fighter planes in addition to their own troops. However, the player does not have to do all this on foot: Using their computers, tacticians will control tanks, including the famous German battle tank Panzerkampfwagen VI or "Königstiger" and the Russian Stalin tank JS2, or fighter planes such as the Focke Wulf 190 and dive bombers like the Stuka or the Petlyakov PE-2.

Online is where the battle really heats up in "Iron Front – Liberation 1944": Players can either complete missions cooperatively or compete with each other in special multiplayer modes such as "Capture the Flag" or "Attack and Defense". "Iron Front – Liberation 1944" also includes an extensive mission editor, enabling players to intuitively create their own missions and share them with their friends online, thus guaranteeing that there will never be a shortage of new missions.

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