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Lisunov Li-2 Transport

This is a very primitive attempt on making the Li-2 a flyable transport plane. Attaching a studebaker neatly into the beast. It looks and feels legit when inside. No weird visual bugs. It hasn't been tested with Ai or in a server. I don't know how to modify more than one Li-2 without hundreds of scripts. So there's only one Li-2 in the download. Feel free to build on this idea. I'm sure someone with better understanding of the language can fix it.

edit: Get in by aiming at a point where the wing meets the fuselage by the rear door. For Pilot you can go from back seat to pilot or use the protruding studebaker front wheel near the nose. The Li-2 itself is manned by Ai.

edit: Made changes and added a small tutorial.

Added Actions and notes

Fly Li2: Driver of the Studebaker takes control of the Li-2. Warning, the camera will lock where it's pointing. You can center it by pressing "5" on numpad before selecting this action. (Driver Only)

Stop flying Li2: Will release control of the Li-2. The Ai pilot will take over resulting in a horrific crash. It is VERY important to select this action before you get out, eject, or paradrop! This can also be used to correct the camera but quickly go back to Fly Li2. (Driver Only)

Takeoff WEP: Do to the added weight of the Studebaker. Use this action when speeds reach 88 to get off the ground. (Driver only)

 Straightforward. Just make sure you're at a safe height.


Extract into your editor missions folder here C:\Users\username\Documents\Iron Front\missions.

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