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Gunter Severloh

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Hello Iron Front in Arma3 fans!

Just a reminder that i am still running the MR - Mission Repository for the IF community, however most of my
attention has moved to Steam Workshop.

The following are 3 IFA3 Steam workshop collections have created back in May, and i have been adding to them since:

Mods created for IFA3:

Multiplayer missions:

Singleplayer missions:

These links are also listed on the MR under the IFA3 section, now i'm sure not every mission for sp and mp is there so
if there are some that you know of that are not on the lists let me know.

As for the mods list their are only mods that have IFA3 Lite in their requirements, you wont see FOW, or other mods there.
I update these lists a few times a week.  Cheers!

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