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  This is a two part problem I've been having recently, sorry if it's a little long.

  My IFA3 Lite game has been running fine with a few mods enabled always starting thru Arma Sync. A couple weeks I decided to DL and install the CUPS mods. After install the game would crash in the loading sequence. I finally concluded it was a corrupt DL and deleted it.

  I went back to the original list of mods in Arma sync and the game would now start however when I chose to open any missions in eden editor I get a message saying "Cannot open mission due to deleted or missing content" with a long list of items in red supposedly missing. Nothing I did would bring these missions up.

 I then started the game thru steam/ARMA avoiding sync entirely. I disabled all mods and re enabled one at a time(process of elimination). IFA3 ran fine.

 Problem 1: After being assurred that I was back to my original state I re DL'd the CUP mods and enabled in steam and it all works fine except that any mission that has the German sdkfz APC has the gunner floating about 1 meter above where he's supposed to be. The unit moves around and does everything its supposed to do except the gunner is floating in mid air...real immersion killer. Tried changing his height in attributes and it does not work. This happens for the unit regardless of mod or variants.
 Problem 2: I want to get Sync working again so I completely uninstalled it, re DL'd the latest version (auto exe) and installed it. After bringing over all the original mods that used to work fine less the CUPS mods, the same thing happens with missing or deleted content when starting thru the new Sync.

 Here's my original list of mods:
IFA3 War mod
Geist Ifa3 Lite

I added:
Cups Terrain Full
Cups Core
Cups Maps

Hoping someone has an idea about what I've got going on here.

Gunter Severloh

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Your problem is not armasync or the arma3 launcher, it has to do with one of the mods, probably IFA3 lite itself.
Keep in mind that IFA3Lite just recently updated, and now requires CUP terrains as IFA3 Lite made their mod
dependent on it, for better reasons.

Heres what I suggest you do:
1. Delete your IFA3 lite and download the new version
2. Make sure you have cup terrains with core
3. Install both to your arma3 directory here---> C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3
4. Test the missions where you see the German Apc to see if the issue you were having is reoccurring, if not then add another mod one by one.

But run IFA3 lite with Cup terrains first by itself, no other mods.

Lastly you spelled my IFA3WarMod wrong, its one word, WarMod is one word, WarMod is the name of my mod, IFA3 is what my mod is for.

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