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  After reverting to the previous patch v 1.58 I think and verifying the cache in steam (thanks again Gunter) A lot of the bugs I've been experiencing have disappeared. One problem that persists is picking up additional gear, either from a crate or a dead body.
  In vanilla IF it was pretty straight forward. Hit "G", click on the available items and they pretty much are added to your inventory.

 In IFA3 it seems a lot more complicated. First I'm seeing an available inventory box on the left broken up into categories; Weapons, Magazines, Items, All etc. If I click on the wrong category the list reverts to "All" and it won't reopen. I have to close and reopen the box.

 Then there's a problem dragging and dropping to my personal inventory on the right. The item must be dragged and placed in the specific location for it to stick. An example: I just opened a crate looking for a Panzerfaust and rockets. The weapon and three rockets showed up. The launcher itself dropped right into my side. It took multiple tries to get one rocket to stick to my inventory and nothing I did could add the remaining two.
I had to go out, fire the rocket then come back for another. All while things are going crazy around me.

  This same scenario happens with other weapons and magazines MP40's, PPSH's Am I missing something here? Is there a tutorial or guide that shows exactly how this is supposed to work. I was having a similar problem in ARMA3 Bootcamp but that seems to have cleared up. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Gunter Severloh

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Hi hemisent,
Most of your difficulties lie within Arma3 itself, its a matter of learning the system, what you need to understand is that
there is a certain amount that you can carry, if you have a uniform, a vest, and a backpack then you can carry alot.
What you want to look at is there is a bar on each box for the uniform,vest and backpack, you might only have just a uniform
and vest, so you got to make sure they are not full.
If either of the gear your wearing is full you wont be able to carry more, but you can drag and drop.

Iron front and arma3 are 2 different layouts, as Iron front uses the arma2CO layout where all you have is just your uniform, there is no backpack or vest,
so theres no separate containers you can fill. Also note there is manuals on arma3 menu you can learn from, suggest reviewing them.
IFA3 is basically Arma3 with added units, weapons, and gear, aside that there is nothing unique in terms of the UI.

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