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Gunter Severloh

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[Ragnarok44_6]  Ragnarok'44 in Arma3 Lite Banner.jpg   

Hello Iron Front Fans!

Here is an Rts (Real Time Strategy) Mission/Mode Rydygier and myself built back in 2013 for the

Iron Front in Arma2CO (IFA2) conversion now ported to Iron front in Arma3 IFA3!

What is Ragnarok'44?

Ragnarok'44 is RTS mission based on Window Of Opportunity "The battle from above!" mission mode by Mondkalb,
modified with his permission.

Command, Build, Recruit, Capture, Incarnate, Seize & Destroy your enemy!


  • Command with a camera as a general pointing and clicking what and where you want your forces to go and do
  • Build buildings which will allow you to recruit various types of infantry, vehicles, tanks, and static weapons
  • Establish a logistics to gain better\faster resources, upgrade the level and skill of infantry, vehicle, and tankers, as well as increase efficiency of fuel, and ammo usage by the AI
  • Play as any of your forces in 1st/3rd person by incarnating into them, command a whole squad, be a lone soldier, play as a tanker, or just be a driver of a vehicle
  • Capture strategic points on the battlefield which will earn you more resource points allowing you to build more forces and upgrade them
  • Create your own Ragnarok'44 missions on the fly, and on any map!
  • Fight enemy AI Commander (Hetman A3 (Artificial commander) that will seize strategic points, gather resources, build and deploy his own army, defend, and engage you with force


Missions - Ragnarok'44 Steam Workshop Mission Collection

Ragnarok'44 PDF 

Detailed information on subjects on the workings of the mission/mode

See post with all information ------>  LINK



v1.16- IFA3 port
  • Fixed issues in the mission and mod
  • removed ryd_bf_if and ryd_expl_if
  • Mission now using Hetman A2 (Artificial Commander) replaced with Arma3 Hetman version
  • Hopefully AI is aggressive enough at taking flags now (used straight A-to-B movement to speed up AI infantry);
  • Ragnarok loading screen logo updated to A3 standards as it didn't show before
  • Removed zeppelin font error message
  • Officers should be positioned properly at the table - Tried to find suitable A3 briefing animations for the officers, but no luck so far
  • Soldiers exercising in background behind HQ removed (to reduce fps draw)
v1.15 - Arma2OA (IFA2) v1.0 - 1.15
  • Now player incarnates as group leader when he gets into a tank and will be in the tank commander's seat, not driver's and can swap positions in the tank as usual can be done. (when was a driver in 1.14, I couldn't change seat in the Tiger for example).


  • Found and fixed error with heavy/very heavy tank allocations (AI was affected too - mistakes in function names). Now, when you buy in Logistics HT/VHT allocation, go to the tank factory, additional tank button(s) should be visible now for Tiger (HT) and/or King Tiger (very HT).
  • Driver's seat is unlocked now again, as this method to keep player inside failed anyway, and clicking on the vehicle should make you group leader instead of driver (if driver was a group leader, nothing changes). Still "not disembark the crew" iron rule is valid. Pity, that you cannot change seat in the tank without disembarking, this spoils the only hope to swap role in the tank. Stay inside or do what you want on own risk.


  • Simple typo in trimming code, that breaks whole AI - all objectives are stored at the same flagpole now fixed.


  • Individual squads in a truck with other Ai squads in one truck can now disembark through the

chosen icon, example if you have mg squad and AT squad in Opel blitz, and you click on the mgsquad and press disembark, they will disembark instead of who entered the truck first.


  • Hot-fix for trimming code - two objectives should stay at both bases, isn't? SO this had to be corrected, as currently both are moved at nearest flagpole too


  • fixed disembarking driver issue;
  • improved cargo transportation code to be more reliable;
  • removed "exit vehicle" button from vehicle's side menu, if there is no cargo to disembark;
  • fixed empty slot on quick group access icon list on screen, when group is deleted;
  • locked driver position at vehicle spawn;
  • locked whole vehicle if abandoned, thus assigned for deletion by Gravedigger function.
  • added objectives trimmer - now at init each BB objective is setpos-ed at closest flagpole position.(check, if this helps with yours non-advancing AI problems)
  • Reorganized the folder structure of the missions and files required for the mission, now all you need to do is move the @Ragnarok mod to your Arma2 directory, and put the mission in the missions folder, also included is a changelog.


  • initial release

Rydygier - Addons, scripting, testing building the Ragnarok'44 demo mission / Updating -
thanks to a friend whom I have admired for years, and i'm sure have pestered a bit to much, more so about Ragnarok

Gunter Severloh - acquired permissions from Mondkalb in 2013, testing, ideas & feedback, editing, translation,
new missions, myself  for taking this a step further to IFA3 a dream come true

Mondkalb - WOO - World of Opportunity (would not be possible without WOO and Mondkalb's original idea,
and work in Arma2, thanks man!

Kju - Advice, support, & fixing various issues- thanks Kju for your help, you really accelerated this project with your skills,
and solved alot of issues making it possible in Arma3/IFA3


Gunter Severloh

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Ok guys, fixed the links for the Ragnarok'44 mod, and the demo mission,

sorry for the inconvenience, didn't find out til i got home this morning that they were broke, something i did wrong in
terms of linking files on my website's (MR) storage.

So check out the mission, and see what you think, just know that the Mission/mode/mod is still WIP and considered
a Beta because there are still some issues, bugs, and an occasional error message, most of the time you shouldn't have any issues but if
you run into something please help me and Rydygier sort them out by posting your feedback and info on what you ran into, screenshots, rpt, vid helps.

If you have ideas for more features, your feedback is appreciated!


Also I am still working on adding things to the thread itself so if you see changes then you know.

Lastly I will be working on porting all the missions I built for the Arma2OA (IFA2 version) for IFA3, and will list them when they are done,

and will be recording a video for each mission as well. Coming to Steam workshop too!

Gunter Severloh

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Hey guys!
Wanted to let you know that I will be mainly using the BIS forums release thread for discussions, posted updates,
and or changes to the thread there.
Any new missions, updates of the mod, missions ect,. i will still update the thread here though, and you can still ask any questions,
or comment if you want,
I'm still here everyday [smile]
Heres the Bis forums release thread

Gunter Severloh

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Update- New version released!

After several months, Rydygier was able to get some freetime to Fix/update the issues in the mission.

please note that there may still be some issues with the mission/mode so if you think you have run across any please report them here!


- Heavy & Very Heavy tank allocation buttons/functions not working
- Script-related message for tank factory
- Enemy commander doesn't deploy a static mortar
- Red Icons for soldiers (circle), transports, halftracks, and tanks (sideways diamond) for the enemy dont show on map when your forces see them nearby

Fixed & rebuilt
- Enemy AI commander create many transport trucks/ambulances instead of a balanced number with more tanks/infantry

Rydygier comment
Hopefully fixed. In fact, base managing AI was redone in some parts, for better, I hope.  

- Transporting troops (embarking/disembarking in combat)
- Enemy AI seems not aggressive enough, and or doesn't not deploy enough forces
Rydygier comment
Hopefully improved. Added second sub-leader to enable simultaneous attacking two flags etc. Known is rare circumstance,

when AI may stuck during flag taking progress

(when for any reason further flag is taken before actual targeted flag, reasons stay unclear so far).

- player incarnated as driver before when he gets into a tank, now incarnates as Commander, which will give you command and access to all other seats

- Crows & flies over dead bodies to save performance.

Missions with all Changes/fixes & updates applied

- Ragnarok'44 Demo - (now version 1.3)

- Ragnarok'44 City Under Duress - (now version 1.1)

- Ragnarok'44 Ivachev Clash - (now version 1.1)

All missions Zip & Steam workshop have been updated with the latest version.

See Bis forums release thread for the latest download!

New missions coming soon!


RM Team
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really nice to see - much kudos to Rydygier!
Gunter Severloh

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Ya his work fixed the major issues the mission had, now its finally playable again and with a challenge!
Gunter Severloh

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Guys remember Ragnarok'44 for IFA3 Lite is here on Bis forums:
I have several missions you can download and check out which are also on steam workshop.

I plan to start building a new mission soon again for it, but check it out, any questions, ask here or on the linked thread.

Gunter Severloh

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  • Fixed the ingame camera as it was to fast, almost uncontrollable, and made missions unplayable  - (whats fixed is when you move your cursor to end of the screen the camera moves).
  • Updated all missions on the workshop, and all downloadable zips with new camera fix aside other updates.
  • Paros Front had markers added, Strategic point positions were adjusted, and various new wrecks added.
  • Other missions had their strategic points adjusted as they were clipping in walls, or fences
  • Battle for Staszow - had its markers changed to black as with red they were almost unreadable.

Note that the camera fix can be easily adjusted, if you still find the camera to fast or not fast enough please let me know

and i can update the mission you are playing, or can tell you what to change.


My plans for the series are the following:

  • Build more missions on the new maps that IFA3 now has, so there is alot more diversity in choice, no longer are we stuck with the maps just from IF itself.
  • Record short tutorial videos on various aspects of the mission, such as camera controls, how to "incarnate" into soldiers, tanks and vehicles, how to load/unload soldiers from vehicles, upgrade your forces, and many other things related.


I want to thank Rydygier once again for helping me sort out the code for the camera fix, he made it very clear,
concise, easy to implement and adjustable without this fix the Ragnarok missions probably would have become unplayable for most,
i found it rather annoying after a while chasing the camera all over the place, this was a long overdue fix.

Thanks again my friend for making this series functionally fun to play again!
Lastly 1st post has been updated to look like the Bis forums Ragnarok'44 thread seen here:

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