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There are reports about people having problems with the Ambient Combat Module (ACM) in Iron Front in Arma 2 (IFA2), in that no units will ever get spawned.

I found there are two causes:
1) lib_hidea2groupsfromeditor.pbo - must be removed/disabled. The ACM module will throw faults if some of the Arma factions have been deleted.
2) There are only tank and aircraft groups defined. To get an interesting setting with the ACM, more groups need to be defined, especially infantry.

Here is my group definition mod for download. It is not an attempt at being all realistic, just infantry squads (13 soldiers) and teams (4 soldiers), plus vehicles (2 pieces). 43 groups total.

So to use the ACM in IFA2:
1) Remove/disable lib_hidea2groupsfromeditor.pbo
2) Add _IF_Groups.pbo to your @IF\Addons folder, or make a separate Addons folder to add to your game.
3) Make a mission and place an ACM module, name it my_ACM and sync it to the player unit.
4) Make an inif.sqf file in your mission folder containing the code below.
5) Comment out the units you don't want to spawn, or remove the factions you don't want to spawn (USMC is wehrmacht, GUE is US army, RU is Soviet). As it is now
BIS_ACM_addGroupClassesFunc is required to prevent post-WW2 units from appearing.

Start the mission then wait for allies and enemies to randomly enter the area.

//ACM settings
waitUntil { !isNil {my_ACM getVariable "initDone"} };

waitUntil { my_ACM getVariable "initDone"};

// Sets the intensity of the ACM, in other words, determines how active it will be. Starts at 0 ends at 1.0 (max), its been known to fail using 0.7 and 0.8:
//[0.5, my_ACM]                  call BIS_ACM_setIntensityFunc;             
[1.0, my_ACM]                  call BIS_ACM_setIntensityFunc;             

// This is the radius on where the units will spawn around the unit the module is sync'd to, 400m being the minimal distance and 700m being the maximum. Minimum is 1 I believe:
[my_ACM, 400, 700]           call BIS_ACM_setSpawnDistanceFunc;  

// This tells the ACM which faction of units it will spawn.
[["RU","USMC","GUE"], my_ACM]   call BIS_ACM_setFactionsFunc;

// This determines what the skill rating for the spawned units will be:
[0, 0.7, my_ACM]             call BIS_ACM_setSkillFunc;                  

// This sets their amount of ammo they spawn with:
[0.3, 0.7, my_ACM]           call BIS_ACM_setAmmoFunc;  

// If you want ground patrols then leave it as a 1, if you don't put a 0. They will use random paths:
["ground_patrol", 1, my_ACM] call BIS_ACM_setTypeChanceFunc;

// Same thing for air patrols
["air_patrol", 0.5, my_ACM]    call BIS_ACM_setTypeChanceFunc;

// This determines which exact units will spawn from the group:
[my_ACM, [
"IF_WEHR_MotInfSupport", // This is a StuG and an SdKfz.7 with infantry
]] call BIS_ACM_addGroupClassesFunc;


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I'd like to try this, but where can I find "lib_hidea2groupsfromeditor.pbo"? 
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That file is in the @IF/addons or @IF_Lite/addons folder. I am talking about the Iron Front mod version for the base Arma 2(CO) install.
Also you may want to put this at the top of every init.sqf, so the US Army becomes hostile to the Wehrmacht.
West setFriend [Resistance, 0];
East setFriend [Resistance, 1];
Resistance setFriend [East, 1];
Resistance setFriend [West, 0];
It seems that the soviets remain hostile to the US Army despite these settings. But that is not much of a problem since they should not be meeting.

This will make the time of day more random through inif.sqf, if one cares for it. It adds at most 8.5 hours to the time defined in the mission editor.
// Time/Date Credits: Fincuan (
if (isServer) then
    myNewTime = time + random 8.5;
    publicVariable "myNewTime";
waitUntil{not isNil "myNewTime"};
skipTime myNewTime;

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Excellent - Thank you [cool]
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