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WARFARE! Shrck 894 7
by Haz
Tank muzzle fire animation TomZ 480 0
by TomZ
Is there a green uniform of the germans in Iron Front? OuedMeliz01 628 4
by Lemmi242
How can i make a soldier without helmet? OuedMeliz01 634 4
by OuedMeliz01
Damage model. sweofp 477 3
by Poor Old Spike
new player too much confuse Simo hayha 556 5
by Simo hayha
Graphics query from guy Poor Old Spike 450 1
by Santa Six
Panzer IV schurzen TheWarhawk 557 1
by Santa Six
FG 42 Waffen-Handbuch ( German Army Manual ) irontiger 790 0
by irontiger
Whats really missing in Iron Front TiMEDANCE 892 6
by Gunter Severloh
Iron Front 2 Kain1 983 10
by santiagojamesaea
Enhance Iron Front with SweetFX Santa Six 580 0
by Santa Six
Multiplayer AI & Pvp Shrck 440 5
LI-2 Flying. GbfrKeup 610 4
by Santa Six
DLC Download for DVD version ? ***=Major Mayhem=*** 488 4
by OuedMeliz01
D-Day dlc - contents dwh 706 11
by dwh
WWII "Tactical and Technical Trends" Series Santa Six 325 0
by Santa Six
Just a thought, open words
1 2
BRS 1,037 18
by Poor Old Spike
Did AWAR balance the tanks? Santa Six 519 2
by Poor Old Spike
The flight characteristics of the AT weapons Joe98 591 6
by Poor Old Spike
M4 engine confirmation Santa Six 690 8
by Fudge
New Major Tank Series shpagin 1,813 11
by shpagin
Little IF.cfg tweak Santa Six 442 0
by Santa Six
Staszow in real life.
1 2
GbfrKeup 1,335 15
by Joe98
Baranow in real life irontiger 607 3
by Gunter Severloh
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