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To the future recruits of the 416th Rifle Regiment. 

To be a Soldier In our regiment, you must go through stages of training before getting a rank. In order to fight the enemy alongside us, you will need to have the will to venture in what may be the worst of terrains, and never cease to march through the snow, the rain, the sand, and through the pain. 
We're a realism unit looking to employ the use of tactics, strategy, and rank within an environment that is structured yet fun. You will need to go to our forums to sign up, URL below.
-You need to own a working microphone.
-You need to own and Iron Front Liberation 1944 
-You need to have TeamSpeak 3 installed and working on your PC. [Mobile Version is okay too]
-You're at least 15 years of age. [Exceptions can be made, contact an officer for more infomation.]
-You do not, and have not hacked in any of the previously stated games.
-Aren't racist, sexist, homophobic or just a generally terrible person. We want all members to show respect towards each other so that we can maintain a fun, comfortable environment.
Teamspeak 3:

Website: http://98thad.enjin.com/


Over games we play are 

- ArmA 3 
- ArmA 2 OA 
- ArmA 2 

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Ive explored your forum and found information about missions settings.
Great respect guys! Wish you luck and hope see your squad on the battlefield.
F#ck magic!

"The only way to get smarter is by playing a smarter opponent" (Fundamentals of Chess, 1883)
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