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Hello, the "Tough Hombres" are an IFA2 realism unit hoping to provide a very accurate and immersive experience of the life of a WWII U.S. Infantryman, we have the most accurate information and tactics coming from reenacting and lots of research. We also have our very own WWII mod!, Iron Front Rearmed using a collection of many different mods that are made to be fully historically accurate and compatible with each other. Including, ACE, Blastcore, Task force radio, I44, IFA2, and more. We have our own Teamspeak up and a website coming soon. Our rules are simple, act mature, do not troll, and do not disrespect other unit members. We also play other games than ArmA 2 including : Red Orchestra, Darkest Hour, Company Of Heroes, Men Of War, etc. There is an age limit of 16 but you may join if youre under that age, under certain circumstances. We are a more laid back unit, we will not ban you for not addressing someone with "Sir" or such foolishness. Our schedule is tailored to not get in the way or cause problems with unit members although its primarily an EST based unit. Thank you for being interested in our unit and I hope to see you on the field! Add me, Ethridge, on Steam to join. I will then send you through the recruiting process.

-SSgt. Ethridge
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