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Slick Iron front/ Arma 2 OA Launcher


This is an alternative Launcher for Iron Front ArmA MOD and/or ArmA 2 OA game.
It doesn't leave any open processes or windows once is clicked.
The Launcher must be customized before any use, and I urge you to make it a better one and more suited for your needs.
For those who're less familiar with command scripting I've made two versions to simplify editing.

Download it HERE

In the Archie you should find 2 versions:

1. The default Improved explosions effects Version, which is consistent with Setup guide for Arma 2 CO
2. The WarFX Blastcore version

PREREQUISITES for any version

1. Open downloaded LAUNCHER ( ARMA.cmd ) in any text editor and adjust the game paths accordingly

LINE 7 and 8:

set _ARMA2_PATH=C:\Games\ArmA 2
set _ARMA2OA_PATH=C:\Games\ArmA 2

Example ( for Steam users ) :

set _ARMA2_PATH=C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 2
set _ARMA2OA_PATH=C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead

Improved explosions effects Version

1. Make sure the following ADDONS are present inside your ArmA 2 folder


If you do not own the D-Day DLC, replace the following lines:

LINE 63:

set _CUSTOM_MODS=@LIB_DLC_1;@IF_Other_Addons;@IF;%_ARMA2OA_PATH%;Expansion;
set _CUSTOM_MODS=@IF_Other_Addons;@IF;%_ARMA2OA_PATH%;Expansion;

LINE 71:

set _CUSTOM_MODS=expansion\beta;expansion\beta\expansion;@LIB_DLC_1;@IF_Other_Addons;@IF;%_ARMA2OA_PATH%;Expansion;
set _CUSTOM_MODS=expansion\beta;expansion\beta\expansion;@IF_Other_Addons;@IF;%_ARMA2OA_PATH%;Expansion;

2. Click ARMA.cmd to make your choice of preferred game.

The WarFX Blastcore version

1. Make sure the following extra 2 ADDONS are present inside your ArmA 2 folder


For installation of these addons refer to:

Community Base Addons ( required by WarFX )
WarFX Blastcore

2. Delete the following items from your Arma 2 directory:

- @if_other_addons folder
- @IF/addons/LIB_improved_explosions_effects.pbo file

WARNING: Before doing so, Please make a backup.

3. Click ARMA.cmd to make your choice of preferred game.



You are allowed to edit ... it's yours !
And I take no responsibility for anything.
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