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Originally Posted by Pashka von Borscht
1- AI tanks turning their weak armor towards the enemy. It happens all the time and makes me want to cry--especially when it's Tigers and Panthers negating their main advantage (and I'm mainly an Allied player!).

2- High Command "suicide creep" when units move towards the enemy without being ordered to. I've almost given up on HC mode now, because as soon as AI-led units make contact with the enemy, they start advancing to their eventual deaths. There doesn't seem to be a way to stop them ("Stop" command is greyed-out when using HC mode)..

1- Yes, AI bot tanks turning their side/rear to the enemy tends to drive me bananas too, but I grit my teeth and tell myself- "that's war for you, people do unpredictable things".
I'm a High Command fan and I regard it as a fun challenge to my command abilities to try to get the best out of a bunch of stupid bots by nannying them along and trying to keep them alive..[smile]
"When you're in command, COMMAND!" - Chester Nimitz
After all, if the bots behaved in a routine predictable way all the time, games would be boring! 

Tip- as you know, f you're the HC command tank leading a tank platoon of say 3 bot tanks, they'll follow you around in formation, so try not to do any sharp turns or sudden accelerations or sudden jamming on of your brakes. I always use 'slow' speed when manoeuvring against enemy positions to make it easier for the bot tanks to stay with me.
Also use 'Slow' when ordering other armour platoons on the map to move to a waypoint, so that when they reach it there's a better chance they won't spin side/rear on to the enemy when they slam on their brakes.
Another tip- when you stop to engage the enemy and at least one of your bot tanks turns side/rear on to the enemy, briefly press the move forward key again to nudge your tank a couple of metres forward to hopefully "drag" the bots armour to the front as he mimics you.

2- "Suicide creep" rarely happens with my bot infantry in HC, they're usually a well-behaved bunch with decent AI. 
Tip- don't confuse them by constantly micro-managing with fiddly formation changes, combat mode changes, speed changes, fancy waypoint routes etc.
I simply give my bot infantry platoons a "go there" order to one waypoint and let them get on with it, they choose their own route, usually through cover and advance sensibly towards the enemy, automatically stopping and returning fire when necessary, before continuing to advance again when enemy fire lessens.
However, bot tanks DO sometimes make "suicide rushes" by panicking (or medal-hunting) and charging deep into enemy positions, ignoring your frantic "regroup" oders, but if they survive they'll eventually rejoin you later on.        

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