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Iron Front Debug Console
Version 1.0

This debugger was created by Vandrel @ BISim
Original post by Rockinharry

This tool is available for public use in mission editing and design only. Under no circumstances should
this be used as a means to cheat during multiplayer sessions.

Download-(hosted by MissionRepository.com)

How to use this tool standalone:

1) Place the bisim_debug.Panovo into your profile missions folder.
- Typically located in = C:\Users\WindowsUser\Documents\Iron Front Other Profiles\yourProfile\missions

2) Run Iron Front.

3) From the main menu hit (Left Control + E) on the keyboard.

4) Select Panovo terrain.

5) From the mission editor simply go to load and open the listed mission ( bisim_debug )

How to use this tool with another mission:

1) Copy the folder named ( Debug ) from the bisim_debug.Panovo mission folder.

2) Paste the folder named ( Debug ) into your desired mission folder.

3) Create a description.ext if you don't have one already.

4) Add the following include function:
#include "Debug\RSC\console.hpp"

5) Include the following in the mission somewhere, this will open the console:

- Alternately you can simply add the following to your init.sqf:
player addAction ["Iron Front Debug Console","Debug\SCT\debug1.sqf"];

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