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Hello, I have installed the mod in the correct load order step by step. But whenever I use the Iron Front terrains themselves the trees and bushes don't load in correctly until I am virtually right next to them. I would have assumed this would be due to my settings but on the regular Arma 3 terrains all the vegetation looks just as it should with no issues. Any suggestions would be appreciated as I would like to use these maps.

Here's my load order just to confirm it is correct: 


Gunter Severloh

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Hello Noogy!
Welcome to IF Fan Forums.
IF maps need to be updated, some aspects of the maps unlike in IF itself and IFA2 I think have different rendering then Arma3,
an example would be the fences when you drive over them some stand on end, so the trees in this case are I think a similar bug,
that needs to be updated by official IFA3 patch, Suggest you report your issue here:

How to report issues

  1. Report bugs in the New issue tab
  2. Keep the report as short and precise as possible
  3. Use observed vs expected, and add exact reproduction steps please
  4. Attach the rpt log file of the current game session
In the meantime play around with your distance and graphics and see if that helps.


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Alright, posted the report. changing pretty much every graphical option I could think of has had no effect so I guess we'll just have to wait and see in an update. Thanks for the response.
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