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Place a trigger with size 0, 0 and the activation as Radio Alpha (This then shows on your map screen as a note book, in arma its an actual radio).
The word Alpha is then shown on the note book, to activate the trigger you just click the word Alpha.

If you don't like the word Alpha shown, you can change the word to what you want (in this example I have changed it to "Call Reinforcements") by using this command in another trigger/init file or script:-

1 setRadioMsg "Call Reinforcements";

Reinforcements will now be shown on the Pad.

1 in the code above means Alpha, 2 whould be Bravo etc.

You can also hide the radio command by perhaps adding this line to you init file:-

1 setRadioMsg " ";

The space between the " marks will show the pad being blank, thus is helpful if you dont want the trigger being called before time. Add the original code to a trigger to make it visible again.
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