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Below you can find 12 question and answer. Hopefully you found it useful, but even if you still have some question,
then visit the forum.iron-front.com site, or search in this wiki for more information.


1. What is the "Iron Front:Liberation 1944" game?

Iron Front: Liberation 1944 is a tactical shooter/military simulation(MILSIM) video game set in World War II on the Eastern Front,
also known as the Ostfront.

2. When is the game going to be released?

The game is already released and in the stores from 25 of May, 2012.

3. Which platform can I play?

Iron Front: Liberation 1944 is a PC exclusive game, and no chance for consol ports.

4. What I need to play Iron Front?

First of all a PC, with Windows operation system. But for more please visit the System requirements page.

5. Who are developing and publishing the game?

Two studio working on the game, in co-development, the AWar Studio and the X1 Software. Bohemia Interactive Stuido
(they made the game engine) also give some technical help for the developers. Deep Silver is the publisher fo the game.

6. In which language can I play?

In voice you can find English, German and Russian. In text subtitle you can choose from English, German, Russian, Italian,
Polish, France and Spanish. Upon this you can play the singleplayer campaigns in "English" or "Original" voice version.

7. Will be there any DLC or expansion in the future?

Of course we plan, but for more information stay tuned, announcement coming soon.

8. Is there a continuously patching ans support in the future?

Sure, the developers and the publisher will continue the support of the game for long time.

9. How much the game historically accurate?

In short, very. The historical accuracy is a very important part of the game. The terrains, the vehicle,
the armor penetration system and many more aspects of the game based on real photos, maps and information.

10. What part of World War 2 is the game based on?

Iron Front focus to the summer of 1944 on the Eastern front, during the Operation Bagration.
The in-game terrain based on real places from Poland and Northwest Ukraine.

11. What engine will the Iron Front run on?

This game using the Real Virtuality 3 engine. This engine run the Arma 2, Carrier Command: Gaea Mission

and Take On: Helicopters game too.

12. How can I buy the game?

You can buy it in boxed(retailed), digital download(ESD) and Steam version. For more information about, please visit the Where to buy page.

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