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Hi all, I was one of the apparently few guys who preordered Iron Front back in day, but like many I gave up on it due to - let's be honest - terrible execution of the game and no support from the devs. So I forgot about the game for two years but out of boredom today I decided to check up on the game. You know something might have a happened since, a small patch or perhaps some empty promises, I didn't really expect anything, but boy! Has something happened?

Now the game has been ported to Arma II and III and my interest in this game has exploded again! However before I start cheering too much I'd like to ask some questions, now you see, I don't own any of the Arma games, so I just want be sure of the following before. I open my wallet. - Firstly I have have the steam version of Iron Front and expect to buy bot Arma II CO and Arma III as well. The steam versions are no problem right?

Also it seems there's a good load of community patches now, they too work for the versions and Arma III? - How about mods for the Arma III version? Do they all work there as well? - finally is there any differences between the Arma ii and III versions of iron front? Besides from the the graphics? I could imagine there to be more compatibility issues with the III versions, but then again I know nothing of the matter. Thank you for your time, and a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who made the port a reality!!! You guys rock!
Santa Six

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Bis is pushing everyone to use Steam Arma 2. Only the Steam version of arma 2 is getting update support for now on.
The Arma 3 version of Iron Front is still very much WIP and full of bugs and unfinished conversions. It's taking good steps forward.
All mods for Arma2/3 should work.
You missed a lot of sales unfortunately.

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There is Arma2 and there is Operation Arrowhead. These are stand alone games. Usually after installation they would appear as 2 separate icons on your desktop.

If you merge them into one game you get “Combined Operations" ("CO") and only one icon on your desktop.

Combined Operations gives you access to all the maps, soldiers and equipment used in both games - all in one place.

Subsequently there were add-ons that are well worth while. BAF, PMC and ACR. These too are merged into “CO” so you still have only one game.

Secondly there is Arma 3. It has many improvements over Arma 2. It is a separate and stand alone game with one icon on your desktop.

Thirdly there is Iron Front. This has one add-on of US forces and the Omaha Beach map. This add on is well worth while. Iron Front is a separate and stand alone game with one icon on your desktop.

The Iron Front developer released 5 patches after release and you should patch the game.

More recently fans have created a way to merge Iron Front with Combined Operations. Some say this has been successful but some have found problems.

More recently again, fans have created a way to merge Iron Front with Arma 3. Some say this has been successful but it seems there are many problems so it is probably not worth your trouble for the time being.

To generalise, Iron Front is built on the Operation Arrowhead engine. My suggestion is to Install Combined Operations, Iron Front and Arma 3.

You say you have never played the series. To learn the game I found the best tutorial is the one in Operation Arrowhead. Then use the section called “Armoury”. Many types of missions are given to you at random. Go back and forth between the armoury and the tutorial till you have mastered it. In my case this took 6 months!

Then use those skills to Play Iron Front.

Arma 3 is apparently somewhat different. It seems experienced CO players can pick it up easily. I have not played it so I cannot say for sure.

Mostly, have fun!



Gunter Severloh

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@Stoffer - Welcome to the Iron front fan forums!
couple of things:
please review the forum rules when you get the chance
1. In the future please use a descriptive thread title this means in short describe the subject your thread is to disuss or have questions on

2. When posting please dont post in one massive paragraph its very hard to read, at least for me.

Also this thread will be moved to a new section when its up that is for Iron front in Arma2Co and Arma3.


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Instead of making another topic on this matter, I'll use this thread:

I have been away from this game(IF44) for quite a while now because of personal matters. Recently I have looked in this forum and noticed talk about Arma 2 and Arma 3 and playing IF44 in/With these games?!?

What have I been missing? What has happened?

Do everything occur via Arma 2 or 3 now these days? Nothing going on With the IF44 stand-alone game anymore?
I could not find any servers on IF44 last time I played, is that in any way related to my above questions?

Grateful for answers to these questions! [confused]
Gunter Severloh

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Hello Terry, welcome back.

Here it is what i can tell you...there was politics between the companies behind the game, Awar (developers) who built the content of the game, BIS who licensed the engine, and Deepsilver who published the game, well story goes Awar left because they were only getting paid 50% for their work Idk really but what i heard, Deepsilver wasn't giving the royalties earned to BIS for allowing DP to use the engine, so the game got stopped in terms of patches ect,.
The investors for the game stopped funding too.

So after Awar Left they went onto a new project.

2013 came around and I formed a 20 man team here on the forums which was also established by TayUk because the
official forums went down for 2 weeks, or was it one i forget.
My team was working on a massive project to convert Iron front to a mod for Arma2CO, apparently kju had already been doing that in late 2012 on the official forums in secret with permissions from the companies, well my team ended up working with him and we did alot of testing and some builds, most work was done by Kju.

My team known as IFR aka Iron front revival built several addons,modules and a mission for the community you can see our work here:

During 2013 Deepsilver had given Kju access to source files for the latest patch that Awar was working on but didn't
finish before they left, the patch was v1.06
you can see the release thread for the patch here that we finished and what was done:
the patch was meant for the vanilla game but we changed it so it ended up being for the Arma2CO conversion.

So lots of work, and waiting, and end of December our work was released, earlier this year the Arma3 version of the Iron front was ready.

Quick rundown
1. companies took a hike

2. we got permissions to convert the game to a mod for Arma2CO and then eventually Arma3 which is still being updated and patched by Kju and team [wink]

3. IFR team released its mods seen on the one thread I linked

4. A tool was created by one of my IFR team member that enabled you to convert your vanilla game to a mod for Arma2CO, which then allowed you
to play it in Arma3 with other files that were created

5. If your interested in playing Iron front as a mod in Arma2CO then review this section http://ironfront.forumchitchat.com/?forum=382477
Interested in the Arma3 mod version of Iron front then review this section http://ironfront.forumchitchat.com/?forum=382476

note: just look through the forum sections and look at the subjects, any questions send me a pm since I am moderator/admin here
Tayuk is admin and owner of the forum it was his initiative that brought the Iron front community back together.

6. Aside this a Mission Repository was built for the community in October 2012 seen here http://www.missionrepository.com/ by me considering the community
had no were else to turn for missions other then 100 misc posts of undependable download sources for missions from the community on the official forums,
so I turned this clusterf*ck of a situation around, and organized everything, i had went through every thread on the official forums and anywhere else, then compiled them all, sorted them based on type, and basically built a website,
this thread here: http://forum.invasion-1944.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=418&hilit=mission+repository
on I44 forums was where the idea started as I was going to compile I44 and Iron front, all WW2 stuff, lastly theres also a thread here:

Anyways thats a rough idea of the stuff thats been going on in the past year or so since the forum here has been established.
IF Fan forums here are like the official forums as the official forums--> http://forum.iron-front.com/forum.php are not active anymore.

Hope that helps answer some questions.
Updating this a little (6/15/2015)
IFA3 (Iron Front in Arma3) is still being worked on since its release last year, currently there is a small team working on the Arma3 version patches, the patches have gone from v1.07 to v1.13 and another patch is on the way with new fixes, updates, and I believe more content.

IFA2 (Iron front in Arma2CO) is not being updated anymore by any team, but missions are still being made, and updated for it,
but most efforts have moved towards the Arma3 version of Iron front (IFA3).

For those reading this post if your interested in getting either IFA2 or IFA3 setup for yourself then go here:
for IFA2 info: http://ironfront.forumchitchat.com/?forum=382477
for IFA3 info: http://ironfront.forumchitchat.com/post/iron-front-in-arm3-lite-preview-versions-8114248?trail=15
Any questions you may have review those threads contained and post your reply there I will answer as soon as I can
or direct you to where you need to go if needed.


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Thanks for the very detailed answer Gunter, most helpful to me![thumb]

I'll probably have a few questions still, but I'll read up on the forum when I find the time (wife is expecting a baby girl in 15 days time [wink].

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