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All Ironfront missions are files that look something like this:-


This is the mission name.the map its on.and the file extension

To be able to edit the mission, maybe to see how the mission maker did something or maybe to add something to the mission, you will need to UnIFA the mission file. This means to create a new file that is a copy of the original but in a standard windows folder format so it can be opened in the editor.

To do this download this small tool called:- (There are others but this one I find easiest)


1. Download and install pbo manager (There are a couple of different versions in the download, one for 32bit and one for 64bit systems)

2. Once installed, open it. In the top left corner there is a green icon with a white down facing arrow on it, press that.

3. A new window opens to search for the file you want to unifa. To search for ifa files change the drop down box in bottom right to ifa (pbo files are the defualt)

4. Once the downloaded mission file is located and selected just press open

5. The file name can then be seen in the PBOmanager window. Right click it and another smaller window opens.

6. Select the 3rd option "Extract to "the file name etc".

7. You will see a progress bar on screen. Once complete the file has been "unifa'd" and you will have a standard windows folder with the same mission name in the same location as the original ifa file (so you don't lose the original file). PBO manager can now be closed.

8. The new folder thats been created needs to be moved to C:\Users\your name\Documents\Iron Front Other Profiles\your game profile name\missions

9. Once the folder has been moved to the new location it can then be opened in the single player editor.

10. The mission folder can also be viewed like any other windows folder to see what other files the original mission maker has used to create his mission.

11. Should you alter someone elses mission, please rename the mission and credit the original mission author. We don't want 2 different missions floating about with the same file name


Gunter Severloh

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Good post Tay!
I'd like to add to the information.
An IFA file is basically like a pbo file, or in general its a zip file that works with game.

When you unIFA which means you are opening that zip file or extracting it, you are opening a compressed folder
that has all the contents of the mission.
Ifa files can be any type of file, they can be a mission file, an addon file, or a file that contains all info,
configurations and content the game uses to run the game itself.

A pbo file seen mostly in the Arma2 series is basically the same exact thing as an IFA, but IFA is setup gfor Iron Front.
I have a tutorial on my website if would help further expand your understanding of how to open and install missions
files and view/edit them in the sp mission editor in Iron Front.

My tutorial here:
How to import SP/MP Missions into the editor
This tutorial mostly deals with Arma2 and Arma2CO, but if you change the folder address to reflect Iron front, and change pbo to IFA,
its basically the same setup and procedure for getting missions into the editor.

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