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How to setup a respawn for MP using a base respawn

Theres many ways to respawn but in this little tutorial we will cover a base respawn.

What is a base respawn?
A base respawn is a marker on the map placed wherever you wish to respawn.

Step one - Editor - Markers
In the editor in your mission go to markers (F6) In the list you can pick whatever
type of marker you want but for basics let just choose a flag.
Place the flag marker where you want to respawn.

Step two - Editor - Name the Marker
This next step is we will need to indicate who will respawn at this marker.
The following list is the playable respawn classes:
Respawn in base. Requires a marker named:

* respawn_west ---> for Bluefor (USA)
* respawn_east ----> for Opfor (Russia, or Takistani)
* respawn_guerrila ---> for Independant
* respawn_civilian

Open your marker and name it one of the above, lets go with Bluefor for now, so for Bluefor we need
respawn_west dont mispell it!

Step Three- Description.ext

What is the Description.ext?
It is the script that tells the game how you will respawn, it contains codes that allows you to define many things in your
mission When editing a mission in the mission editor description.ext is only read when the mission is loaded,
not when you preview the mission.

Step three part 1 - Tools needed to create the Description.ext script


Install this tool wherever you want maybe setup a folder for game tools.

Step three part 2- Using Armaedit to create the Description.ext script
-Startup Armaedit
-Go to new file and create a new Description file (.ext)
-In the open space, place these codes:

respawn = base;
respawndelay = 5;

Description.ext Reference

Step Four - Save the Description.ext and place into MPmissions folder
This next step you will need to save your Description.ext, and move the script to your Mpmissions folder.

Where is this folder I need to place the Description.ext script?
The path for this folder is here:
Find your Arma profiles its along this path:
C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\ArmA 2\MPMissions

Find your mission and put the Description.ext in the folder of your mission.

This concludes this short tutorial.

* when you edit any mp missions always edit Mp missions useing the basic default Arma2 game, do not edit mp missions
with a modded arma2 or you will create an addon dependancy and make the mission unplayable
unless the mission has the addon, or mod present that you used when you edited the mission.

* If you are editing an mission and you are inserting units and misc and a addon, or mod is needed to do so,
then when you play that mission,the mission will require that addon, or mod to be loaded to play the mission,
without it the mission wont be playable.

* If you save your MPmission as a usermission, be sure to add all the script files and other misc files that your
Mpmission had in the folder with it when you unpbo'd it or the mission wont work as its missing files, you will find
this out the hard way if you go play the mission and a window pops up saying the something something script is missing.

* Edit Mp missions in the SPeditor and then export

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