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Hi All

I have just released another version of IFA3 Co15 Op Tenacity onto my steam workshop.


This time I have used revive script rather than no respawn.  In particular I have used PsycoBastard's Arma Injury System (AIS) which allows any player and AI to revive a player if they are not too badly injured to be fatal.

In addition, I have added in a restricted IFA3 US Army Virtual Arsenal System at the starting point.

Enjoy and again as always I am happy for this mission to be hosted or linked to another site.

Further details of the missions as follows:

IFA3 Co15 Op Tenacity Revive

Required Mods
This mission requires that you have the Iron Front and the D-Day DLC mods for Arma 3 (either full or FREE lite versions) installed to play this. 

This mission uses Omaha Beach map. 

Your tasks are to move from the FOB area to clear the 4 forward locations of enemy forces. Then move to the village area to destroy enemy assets. Including 3 PAK40s, tank and a radio mast. In this CO-OP/SP mission, you play a US 15 man combined arms assault team, operating in the Omaha Beach area in 1944, fighting German forces. The team consists of a 9, 2 & 1 man US Army squads.

In addition, there is a sherman tank, with 2 playable slots, which infantry can ride on the back if required (under high command if needed). There is also a 1 man flyable P47 support aircraft, with service assets near its airfield. (under high command if needed) Furthermore there is a 2 man playable mortar/artillery team, whom also have access to a towable anti-tank if needed. (under high command if needed).

Lastly, there is a 2 man sniper/spotter team, for recon' purpose and elimination of HVTs. (under high command if needed) The FOB, has a restricted US Arma (WW2 only) virtual arsenal system box, which has explosives, back packs, static weapons and limited, none respawnable vehicles, including a half-track.

Enemy forces consist of elements of Waffen SS and Heer, are operating a defensive strategy in the AO. Expect upto 2 companies in the AO, with an extremely well defended area around the village, including 3 PAK40 anti tank guns, several MG42 nests, mortar, entrenched infantry and a tank of unknown type.

It's important to note here, that only leader, of Sadist squad, has Zeus control of Iron Front in Arma 3 assets only and has radio support control of artillery if needed. Also, please note that at the spawn start, players have the option of para-dropping into a selected map position if needed. 

When players die, I have used PsycoBastard's Arma Injury System (AIS), which allows any player and AI to revive a player if they are not too badly injured to be fatal.

Changeable Mission Parameters and Using Teamspeak 3 Plugin Radio Mods
Finally, the mission admin/lead when logged in, can change the mission parameters to suit their needs. This also includes time of day, weather, fog, AI Skills, options to run ACRE or Task Force Radio Mods. 

Mission Credits *** Mission by Chief from Alpha Squad. *** 

Made with F3 (http://www.ferstaberinde.com/f3/en/)
Paradrop Script by TayUK (http://ironfront.forumchitchat.com/p...post1281855511)
UPSMON Updated to ArmaIII by Cool=Azroul13 (http://forums.bistudio.com/showthrea...ted-to-ArmaIII)
Foggy Breath Script by TPW (http://forums.bistudio.com/showthrea...ath-Fog-Script)
ZBE_Cache AI and Vehicle caching by zorrobyte  http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?179777-ZBE_Cache-AI-amp-Vehicle-caching-script-addon
CH View Distance Script by champ-1  http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?185770-CH-View-Distance-Script
A3 Wounding System by Psychobastard http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?170975-A3-Wounding-System

Iron Front Mod in Arma 3 by Kju and his team.

Enjoy the mission and I am happy to receive feedback.

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