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Gunter Severloh

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By Gunter Severloh
Hello Iron Front Community, and WarMod fans!
I am pleased to announce IFA3WarMod!

What is IFA3WarMod?
It is a massive addon/mod customizable compilation mod that adds many run-n-gun/realism gameplay features, functions, &
effects, to your IFA3 - Iron Front: Liberation 1944 in Arma3.
IFA3WarMod is the 9th WarMod in the WarMod Series.

WarMod Series
More information on my WarMod series can be see 
the about page: http://warmod.webs.com/aboutwarmod.htm

IFA3WarMod Official Bis forums Release thread:

IFA3WarMod v1.15
- (
175mb ) - (Patch, you only need this if you have Full v1.14)

IFA3WarMod v1.15 - (
385mb ) - (Full v1.15, this is IFA3WarMod full v1.14 with Patch v1.15 applied)

IFA3WarModC v1.15 - (
451mb ) - (Custom, This a custom full version 1.15 built for performance and what i use)

IFA3WarMod v1.14
 - (344mb) - (Full version)
  • Patch v1.1 changelog: -----> LINK - (Many fixes & gameplay mechanic additions)
  • Patch v1.2 changelog: -----> LINK - (general updates, added new feature)
  • Patch v1.3 changelog: -----> LINK - (general updates)
  • Patch v1.4 changelog: -----> LINK - (Mod rebuilt!)
  • Patch v1.5 changelog: -----> LINK - (added new weapon)
  • Patch v1.6 changelog: -----> LINK - (Ace updated)
  • Patch v1.7 changelog: -----> LINK - (added new tanks, statics, & vehicles)
  • Patch v1.8 changelog: -----> LINK - (added 2 new inf weapons and gameplay feature)
  • Patch v1.9 changelog: -----> LINK - (added 2 new static weapons, and gameplay features)
  • Patch v1.10 changelog: ----> LINK - (updates, fixes, and added gameplay feature)
  • Patch v1.11 changelog: ----> LINK - (updates, and added gameplay feature)
  • Full    v1.12 changelog: ----> LINK - (Mod rebuilt!)
  • Patch v1.13 changelog: ----> LINK - (update of a couple mods and userconfig tweak)
  • Full    v1.14 changelog: ----> LINK - (Mod rebuilt!)
  • Patch v1.15 changelog: ----> LINK - (Many updates & new additions)
  • Full    v1.16 changelog: ----> LINK - (Full Rebuild & Major Update)

IFA3WarMod Features
Featured Mods & File Reference ------>  LINK

Gameplay Mechanics & Features
Features created by me: Gunter Severloh
  • Autozoom for all rifles, smg's, mg's, and pistols including all DLC weapons
  • Loading screen before main menu - (if you have Apex then you will see the logo on menu, without Apex you get loading screen)
  • WW2 background videos for main menu - (Videos wont be seen til you have been somewhere and comeback to menu)
  • Tracers for infantry weapons, every shot fired is a tracer done for fun and effect - (k98,G43,Mp44, all Mg's, Mosin, Svt, other guns are wip)
  • ACE3:  LINK (not all ACE3 features are in the mod, only those that would be ideal for WW2 are used)
  • AI enhancement: ASRAI, TPW MODS, ACE3 AI, Injured AI addon
  • Enhanced movement - you can jump, climb walls,leap over fences/walls
  • CamShake for explosions, even distant ones!
  • Slight "twitch" when someone or something fires nearby
  • CamShake when shooting
  • Body fall sounds and screams when a unit is hit
  • Tweaked gun sway, & recoil guns are more solid, stable and smooth to shoot allowing you to concentrate more on your tactics and strategy
  • Explosion dust, debris, lingering dust, and smoke
  • Removed the peripheral dot HUD elements
  • Removed the reload icon that shows with an empty magazine
  • Disabled idle animations
  • AI will copy your stance option
  • 26 new faces with 5 faces from the Arma3 campaign
  • Interaction between the player and objects ingame have increased so player is able to interact faster, also the icons have changed to reflect it
    The controls have been grouped based on their type so any control dealing with changing weapon use is grouped under that subject, goes for driving, flying, movement, aiming and many others
  • Suppression effects
  • Ragdolls will fall heavier and stiffer
  • Bodies respond more to force from bullets and explosions - and will go flying during explosions rather than just fall to the ground.
  • Unfoldable Map
  • Blood, bleeding, blood splashes, gibs, and vaporization
  • Knock on tanks - adds an ACE interaction allowing you to knock on the tank, alerting the crew.
  • Knock a person unconscious
  • Punch, kick, rifle butt, and apply take downs on your enemy
  • Double weapon - allows you to carry two primary or secondary weapons, or a rifle and a submachine gun for example.
  • More realistic fatigue
  • enhanced editor features
  • bullet casings for all infantry weapons (tweakable in userconfig included)
  • Increase the amount a player can carry
  • Ai can get wounded and become unconscious with animations and sounds Ais team mate will try to help by dragging injured guy and heal him, React to being hit, Injured Ai will die if not get help in 2 minutes, Ais talk with radio or yelling while firing
  • tweak, and change values in the userconfig
  • add new features from the included optional addons folder
  • included is a demo mission which acts like a template - (see gameplay vid for details)
  • and many more!
Known bugs and Issues
- Injured AI addon
From the author
"Just note that sometimes the script may show an error as _dragger variable not defined,
that means the script didn't find any ais near the injured unit. Its ok, the script working normal most time. I couldn't fix this error yet.

- Tpw mod - very rare sometimes spits up an error, depends, idk why it shows but nothing broke ingame, just an error,
maybe a conflict of code with something else, idk

other Issues - these effect performance
- ASRAI - (most noted for me that effected performance)
- Injured AI addon
- Bloodlust - (effected performance when alot of gibs, and bodies)
- Bullet casings

See the included permissions readme that comes with the full download.

The following individuals I give full credits to,
without their work,  and mods
IFA3WarMod would not be possible!
3den Enhanced
by Revo

Advanced Combat Environment 3 (ACE 3)
by acemod

ASCZ Heads
by Taurus4K

by Robalo

Blastcore: Phoenix 2
by Opticalsnare

Blood Lust
by zooloo75

Bullet Casings
by Hortzy

Double Weapon
by Vlad333000

Elite Warriors Stamina Carry Capacity
by -{EWH}- Dark-Raptor

Enhanced Movement
by Bad Benson

Incontinentia Effects Mod
by Incontinentia

Injured Ai simple addon
by Cheitan aka Persian MO

Keys - Enhanced Interaction System
by Sakura_Chan

Knock on Tanks
Knock People Unconscious
by [JTFS] Bridge.J

by froggyluv

Iron Front Firearms Recoil Modifier
by Fess

by Jokoho482 and LAxemann

LAxemann's "Mount"
by LAxemann

by Kol9yN

Quick Weapon Drop
by MrSanchez

Ragdoll Effects Overhaul
by Venom.226

ShackTac Fireteam HUD
ShackTac Interact
ShackTac Group Indicators
by Dslyecxi

Tao Folding Map - Alternate

TPW Mods
by tpw

Ultimate Soldier 3
by djotacon

Unit SFX - Body fall sounds & hit screams
by mistergoodson

VanZant's Copy My Stance
VanZant's SteadyShot
by VanZant


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Awesome thanks!!![smile]

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Is it availble with play with six?

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And its not working for me, says "include file x\cba\addons\main\script_macros_commons.hpp not found"
Gunter Severloh

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No it is not, I dont use the program, i dont know how PW6 will interact with the mod or install it as its a huge compilation mod
with a userconfig, and .dlls that are needed.

Manual installation is just as fast imo just extract and move to your arma3 directory, and setup your launch.
Instructions are in a readme in the download.

Sorry for the inconvenience Scottdog, if you want to put it up there you have my permission to do so but then we'll need
to check to see if the mod is working as it should and not missing any files, or required files.

Gentlemen I ask that you read the Known issues at the end, as there are still bugs and issues in the mod as per my notes, if you
come across anything be it features not working, some glitch, error messages, or odd things, please post and report what you are finding,
it will help with a screenshot or a short vid if your not sure exactly what the issue is.

VCom AI Issues
Also Vcom AI has imo really f*cked up the mod's AI and that is because its conflicting with the other AI mods in the mod, again as per
my known issues list, the ragdolls will get glitchy after you kill a soldier which depends on the terrain or wherever they are, also commanding them is iffy,
and them following waypoints is well iffy and almost next to not working so its up to you, VcomAI adds some cool features but if you dont
care for the bugs mentioned then remove the file for that mod which is:  vcomai.pbo

Please dont blame the whole mod for one issue, the mod is modular and customizable which means you can
remove files for features you dont care for.

Sway and gun movement
Lastly playing as infantry you may notice that your gun does not sway or move at all, only when you shoot, that is intended, the way I play,
so if you want a little sway in your game then go to the userconfig here:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3\userconfig\vz_addons
in the hpp there you can adjust the parameters to your liking, for more information see the download page for that mod on Armaholic here:
towards the bottom of the page is an explanation of how to setup the parameters.

Btw Scar and I literally spent our entire sat, and sun all day, night and early morning fixing, testing, ect,. to try to get this mod out
to you guys, I got to really thank Scar for his assistance in this mod as it would not be where its at, the man has some serious
dedication, and knows his stuff when it comes to coding, and im learning as well from him.

IFA3WarMod has been worked on and off since Dec of 2014, i didn't get serious about it til about end of June, idk how many times i have tested,
tweaked and pulled, added files and been in and out of the game but it seems I racked up about 200hrs in game time with it.

Any questions and again reports please let me know!
Have fun!!!!


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Big thx for that friend....[cool]...Great work!!!
Gunter Severloh

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And its not working for me, says "include file x\cba\addons\main\script_macros_commons.hpp not found"

Do you have CBA_A3?

Does your startup have this:

that error is because you either dont have CBA_A3, or an old version of it.

Thanks vandevoorde!


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IFR Team
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Downloading. [smile]
Great thx, Gunther. [thumb]


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[thumb] [cool] Thanks
Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno
Gunter Severloh

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Welcome Joarius and Spoor!
Wanted to make a note that the mod is using the old blastcore not the latest version, reason being is with the few files in the mod it creates a nice smoky dusty atmosphere
after tank He rds, and many other things impact, i have 3 SLX files from my COSLX mod in the mod that add more dust, and smoke.

If you want to use the latest version of blastcore then you'll have to download that mod get it here--> LINK
and replace the WarFXPE.pbo with the new file.


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Sounds good, should be fun to try out.

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@Gunter - 1Q - where do I have to place the ace DDL files ?? - Thanks 
Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno

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Thanks for the release Gunter!
Germanske Norge

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Excellent job!

Although if there's any one weapon you should add post release, it has got to be the FG42.
Gunter Severloh

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Gentlemen the download link is broke atm because my host is still doing its updating and migration to a new server, so I am uploading the
mod to my Mega account, so sit tight on the download will have it relinked in a bit, sorry for the inconvenience.

@Gunter - 1Q - where do I have to place the ace DDL files ?? - Thanks

Hi Spoor, the folder that says INSTALL THESE FILES
All those files the:
  • @IFA3WarMod
  • Userconfig
  • Keys
  • .dlls
all go into your Arma3 directory, for me its here C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3
Be sure to read the installation readme as it tells you that.
Although if there's any one weapon you should add post release, it has got to be the FG42.

Thats one of my plans, see the IFR content my team made in 2013, these---> Screenshots
what I plan to port.

Any other questions or concerns about the mod and features, or any troubles your having, do please ask.

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