So I'll describe what this file is. It's a somewhat complex spawning function. You'll need to download UPSMON.sqf (search google) and all related files to use this. I've included 2 files here: the main is the master script and is the only required to be called in the mission (this script processes the other 2) . The other file simply outfits soldiers with a lot of extra ammo in bags (I find default IF units use up ammo too fast)

Everything is described in detail in the file, just unzip and read.

I've organized the spawning into 3 types. Platoons, Sections and Teams. Platoons are large groups of infantry of 24 or 32 men. The ranks have been carefully organized so the soldiers will sometimes split up into sub groups (of 8) when in combat mode. In concert with UPSMON it makes for some very realistic maneuvering and flanking patterns. Captains, Lieutenants (1st and 2nd) are included in the lead roles.

Sections are groups of 16 organized into 2 sections, with lots of gear packed in and of 2 types, rifles and assault troops

The teams are small specialized groups with high skill level and finely tuned behaviour and fire mode settings.

I ask mission makers give it a try, it makes creating a complex firefight very easy. Give me some feedback and let me know what's wrong, or if it is even useful

I've included a cinematic video I made while observing the AI behaviour