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Iron Front as a mod in Arma2OA Information
BIS Forums Official Release thread:

What is Iron Front in Arma?
Thanks to kju developing the conversion process with mikero's tools and Sickboy/DeadTomGC to provide an easy interface,
this project allows you to get the great content into Arma 2 or Arma 3. In addition it allows to:
  • Mod Iron Front
  • Extend with your own addons
  • Combine it with community made mods
  • Play in the most recent Real Virtuality engine with continuing development
  • In an alive and vivid gaming and modding community
  • Improve and extend the base content with our huge 1.06 community patch
Questions & Answers

So what is it that will allow me to play Iron Front as a mod in Arma2OA?
Kju the creator of these projects has setup a process called the conversion.
The Conversion is where you are "converting" Iron front's IFA files to a pbo file or extension format, the pbo format can be read by Arma2Co.
Basically when you convert your Iron front it will create a folder titled @IF, yes it will be in the form of a mod which will allow you to
play Iron Front in Arma2CO.

So in order to convert my Iron front game to a mod for Arma2OA what do I do? what is used?
One of IFR team members (DeadTomGC) created a simple yet amazing tool that "converts" once run your Iron front into an @IF folder.
The tool locates your Iron front directory, and your Arma2 directory and then goes through the process, and converts your files for
Iron front from IFA to pbo,placing a @IF folder in your Arma2 directory.
I cannot explain how it does this, but your vanilla Iron front game is not altered or changed in anyway, just a copy of the files are created
and reformatted into a pbo so that it can be read and run in Arma2OA.

Is this legal? Do you have permissions from Deepsilver to do this?
Yes we do. Kju has been working with DeepSilver, X1 Sofware, BIS (Bohemia Interactive), and Awar to allow the conversion process
to be made public to the Iron front community.
This project has the agreement of all involved parties:
What are the requirements to convert my Iron front to Arma2OA?
1. You must own a legitimate copy of  Iron front Liberation 1944, DLC is optional.
2. You must own Arma2 plus OA patched to the latest.
The Conversion tool that does the conversion process is setup to check if you own Iron front and Arma2CO.

The download is a guide to setting up the tool and the conversion process.
Click on the link below titled Setup & Installation guide. It will take you to a page where you can get the information to
convert your Iron Front to a mod for Arma2OA.
Note: You may not redistribute the mod version. Otherwise you might face legal action by the publisher!

How can you assist
  • Try it and play it
  • If you like it, tell your friends
  • Promote it with screenshots or videos
  • Mod it - new missions, modify it and create new addons
  • Join the team to help further improve it
  • Report issues

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