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***=Major Mayhem=***

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Join Major Mayhems Dedicated Iron Front Liberation 44 Server
Up and running now 24/7


port   2302

you must load a stock mission first  do not load a major mayhem mission first or the server will crash

Hosting all 105 of Major Mayhems Missions plus
Rowdies Domination
FK Domination
Evolution Blue

for some reason you need to load a stock mission up first or the server crash's
to start the server load stock mission like Baranow DM 12 classic
wait for vote to end and go to server control and login as admin re-choose and start stock mission FIRST  or server will crash after starting stock mission first you can choose custom missions

Please make a donation for the server if you can using paypal to Wallcraft Inc.

Major Mayhem



Major Mayhems -Iron Reich Co-op Group
Mission Repository >>> Downloads <<<

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