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RM Team
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Already familiar with Iron Front LITE, jump directly what's new.
Want to contribute, go straight to how to participate.


This project has the agreement of all involved parties:


Logo by Lennard

Trailer by EvroMalarkey

Trailer by Metalvenom

Promo by J g0re

MP mode "Blitzkrieg" - Official teaser by Kenwort

"Omaha" D-Day - Short Film by IIN8II

What is Iron Front

It is a tactical shooter video game set in World War II Eastern Front built
by AWAR - a group of former OFP and Arma modders. It was released mid 2012 as a
standalone game using the Real Virtuality 3 engine also powering Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead.

The highlights:

  • Five outstanding terrains of various sizes
  • A large variety of very high quality and historically accurate units, weapons and vehicles
  • A German and Russian singleplayer campaign across eight missions in an authentic setting
  • Advanced gameplay features like the high level tank simulation, gun towing and artillery system
  • or the realistic mine system
  • Great gameplay with its low tech world war 2 setting

Detailed content overview:

4 factions

  • Germans: Luftwaffe(Airforce), Wehrmacht Heer, Sturmtrooper, Panzerwaffe
  • Soviets: Red Army (RKKA), Tank troops of USSR, USSR Airforce
  • Polish troops: Home Army
  • Americans: US Army, US Tank Troops, US Airforce

32 weapons

  • 9 rifles
  • 10 machineguns
  • 2 sniper rifles
  • 3 rocket launchers
  • 8 pistols

53 vehicles

  • 3 cars
  • 21 trucks
  • 3 wheeled APCs
  • 10 tanks
  • 5 planes
  • 1 boat
  • 10 static weapons

5 terrains

  • Ivachev (128 x 128)
  • Panovo (512 x 512)
  • France (1024 x 1024)
  • Baranow (1024 x 1024)
  • Staszow (2048 x 2048)

Recommended videos to give you some more insights about Iron Front: 

Our check out our Iron Front: Liberation 1944 - Youtube video channel


# What is Iron Front in Arma
Our development team has ported the assets to Arma 3 to be used in the latest RV engine.
This most recent version supports many of the new technologies and features of Arma 3
and is continued to be made more complete.

Thanks to:

  • tierprot German, Soviet, Polish and US units support the A3 clothing system.
  • Shvetz weapons support the new A3 muzzle flashes, weapon effects and other new features
  • Fabio Chavez terrains shine in the new A3 lighting
  • Fudge working planes with physX tech.
  • tierprot most cars support PhysX tech.
  • Shvetz most tanks support PhysX tech.
  • LODU brand new US units.
  • Lennard weapon resting and bipods deployment.
  • Giallustio single mod folder structure and terrains working standalone.
  • mikero and his tools suite - without him this whole project would not have been possible!

In addition this version allows you to:

  • Mod Iron Front itself
  • Extend it with your own mods
  • Combine it with community made mods
  • Play in the most recent Real Virtuality engine
  • In an alive and vivid gaming and modding community

# Media

Click the image to visit the gallery. Images by Fabio Chavez and Lennard.


# What is the LITE version

  • Exactly the same selection of assets and features as in the FULL version
  • Free version with lower quality textures and sounds
  • SP missions and campaigns are not available
  • Do note that it is fully MP compatible to the converted FULL version.
  • So you can play together with your friends or other players that have the FULL version.

# What is different to previous releases

  • Reduced to a single modfolder for simple install and use.
  • Available on Steam workshop for simple install and automated updating.
  • Bumped textures from 128x128 to decent looking 512x512 resolution (2048x2048 in FULL version).
  • Native TFAR support for radios available.

# Why is it called Preview version

This version contains still some issues we are aware of or some we are not aware of. [smile]
However we want to provide people finally with an easy-to-use, hassle free, up-to-date
and decent quality LITE version to be able to enjoy WW2 in Arma 3.

In addition we mainly more feedback on the scripted features - especially in MP environment.

Known issues:

  • Visual artifacts with backpacks.
  • Bugged reload animations with pistols.
  • Sound volume off and missing altogether for some vehicles and infantry weapons.
  • A few texture issues with infantry.
  • P47 plane stuck to the ground.
  • US vehicles not yet supporting PhysX and missing engine sounds therefore as well.
  • Effects to be improved (ie tank firing FX).
  • PhysX for tanks to be improved.
  • Shadows of various assets to be improved.

# What are the plans for the future

We will support and continue to improve the Arma 3 version

  • Further polish (less bugs, better performance, improved data structure and naming)
  • Add the remaining new A3 technology not yet available.
  • We also want to achieve as good compatibility as feasible with other mods most importantly upcoming WW2 mods.

To achieve this we plan to replace the scripted systems (artillery, towing, mines) with native A3 engine functionality as much as possible.
  • Drop the scripted damage system for vehicles, as much as possible, and switching to
  • Old's Real Armor Mod system instead (and redo a few the remaining missing scripted functionality)
  • Make the all units/weapons/vehicles possible to reskin.
  • Offer winter and desert variants of the assets.
  • Standalone release of the terrains - maybe even the terrain objects separate as well for terrain designers to make use of.
  • Our team is growing and the future sounds good
  • Native FULL Iron Front for Arma 3 one way or another


# Where to download it

For other mirrors visit the BI forum release thread.

: Anyone may mirror the LITE version in any form.


# What is there to play

Play community made missions/campaigns:

Note: Rename the file extension IFA to PBO to make missions from Iron Front Standalone usable in Arma

  • Create your own missions with the classic editor or the new Eden editor
  • Try all the content in the Arsenal
  • Dynamic missions made with ZEUS
  • Blitzkrieg - Dynamic game mode for SP, COOP and PvP
  • ALiVE (soon)
  • Ported missions, game modes and generic mission systems:

We will convert existing missions/game modes/generic mission systems on popular request.
Cast your vote here or suggest your own favorite here!

Test server:

Name: IFA3 test server
Port: 2302
AdminPW: 1

# Optional mods

Massive addon/mod customizable compilation mod that adds many run-n-gun/realism gameplay features, functions & effects

IFA3WarMod - IF fan forum, BI forum

Uniforms, Helmets and Insignia by Joarius, Catsy, bigstone and Mogwaii

GEIST A3 - IF fan forum, BI forum

A sound improvement mod. At the moment this mod only affects small arms and mounted MGs. It changes sounds, animations, and more to Arma III standards.

San6 Mod - IF fan forum, BI forum

# Communities

# Can this version be modded

Right now you can:

  • Make missions
  • Reskins the following models
  • Tweak config values with mods
  • Create and load along additional content (your own or 3rd party), like new units/weapons/vehicles, FX or gameplay/feature mods or more terrains

In the near future you will be able to:

  • Extract the pbos and allowed to redistribute any files from the LITE version
  • Import the terrains into visitor to modify them and re-release them for example
  • With the source model (MLOD) release, change/improve the existing assets
  • or create new variants/types altogether
  • Submit patches at our development platform to have the core mod get improved

# How to participate

  • Try it, play it, enjoy it
  • Tell your friends or reddit, if you like it
  • Share your screenshots and videos
  • Tell popular streamers to try it or steam playing it yourself
  • Give feedback/report issues
  • Join our discord server for assistance, discussions or just to have a chat
  • Create new missions or new content (reskins/weapons/vehicles/new terrains),
  • or make it more realistic by tweaking
  • Or join the team to improve the mod itself:

# Joining the team

Mainly we are looking for:

  • Modellers to help polish p3d, model.cfg and related config parameters
  • Modellers to help port the vehicles to Old's RAM system
  • Texture artists to help create winter/desert versions
  • PhysX gurus to help tweak the vehicles
  • Web designer to help realize a decent web presence
  • IT/server admin to help with configuration and maintaining our backend (web server, build pipeline, CI, distribution, etc)

Join our discord server and we will have a chat. [smile]


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Hey mate i think you posted twice the same sentence.

4 factions

  • Soviets: Red Army (RKKA), Tank troops of USSR, USSR Airforce
  • Soviets: Red Army (RKKA), Tank troops of USSR, USSR Airforce
  • Polish troops: Home Army
  • Americans: US Army, US Tank Troops, US Airforce

Gunter Severloh

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Hi thanks for the feedback, I fixed it for Kju, and also added the German faction which was missing, welcome to the IF Fan Forums!

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Maybe I could help to create textures.

I worked at the DAK versions of the german uniforms - looks pretty ok so far.

Whom should I contact then?
Gunter Severloh

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Click on the link at the bottom for the discord server.

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The armaholic link seems to be a mistake from some part.

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Hello, can someone please help a newbie. right so i've got arma3, although I've not played it as much as i'd like to. Anyway i saw iron front and thought id really like to give this a try. So i've download iron front preview version on steam workshop but when i go to server list i can't see any servers. Are there any multiplayer servers or am i missing something.  thanks in advance [smile]

RM Team
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@ theOden
sadly Foxhound does not want to host it saying we didnt allow him to but we did..

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(disregard, found alternative source)

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i know its hard to mod and its harder to model but if you dont mind me asking could you guys add a c47 i think it would be good for airborne units


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Hello all

Before the patch of 30/05, the conversion mod ran smoothly without any issues. I could join Iron front servers on arma 3 with my friends.

Since we downloaded the patch of 30-05 (the 3,2 GB one), some files have gone missing and now we get error messages during launch and ingame (missing addons). Also joining servers running the full textured version and/or LITE version is no longer possible...

Anybody else i having this issue? And if so, does anybody know a solution?


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IFR Team
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Hi Klaas,

I get issues too (single player/editor), and I believe most people do judging by the heat the devs are taking on the steam forums atm.

My issues are as follows:

* Dark skies (seems to be an issue for all community made terrains, only Altis and Stratis work correctly)

* Error message pops up when I fire any weapon either Iron Front or vanilla ones (I believe it reads something like "particle...". I guess this isn't a Iron Front issue as I get the same message with the vanilla BIS weapons) 

You can roll back to the previous version by entering Arma3Legacy158 under properties -> betas -> check code -> select legacy build 1.58 beta etc.
I am currently in the process of doing so, hopefully that should put me back with a functioning IF as before the 1.60 update.

Anyone know anything about real fixes for theses issues?
It would be good if we could post them here for the community. Personally I would love to be able to play with the 1.60 update as with bugs aside it looks real pretty!

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Atleast its something that everyones having so it will be fixed sooner [smile]
Gunter Severloh

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Please use existing threads for issues pertaining to subjects or mods that already have a thread.
3 posts above have been merged here.


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It is great to know that there is now a team that will look to fix and iron out the bugs with Ironfront A3. Thank you, I am definitely a fan of World War II titles, and really want to see Ironfront A3 become successful.

I was hoping to offer a few suggestions for your consideration and wondered if it was possible to design a new approach? To make something that is tight and focused, to build a more user friendly interface? This sure would make it easier for a streamlined installation, and much easier for players to navigate. Ease of install will make the game far more accessible for everyone and also encourage newer players to get involved. I know there are many WWII fans out there, and all we want is to see a healthy active community, with opportunity to communicate, and to share our gaming with other like minded people.

The current conversion installation process and patches are very complicated and many have found the process difficult, and often give up. It can be challenging to find individuals to help to get the game working.

I don't know if many of you are aware of the breaking point A3 mod, I am more interested to look at the interface they use, and how that works.

For those that are not aware of their system here is an overview to show how it works. I think they have done that very well.


Would it be possible to create something along their type of system to use with Ironfront?

So we could have similar approach for Ironfront A3

⦁ Make an account
⦁ sync to your steam account/website
⦁ Scan/Check/Choose directory for Ironfront installation file/.exe


If exe found proceed to
(might be an easier solution than the conversion tool, have a database set up where files are kept ready for download - bypass the conversion process)


able to verify the integrity of the game cache, just in case something goes wrong with an update or the installation process


Have an Ironfront server browser
Scan for only Ironfront servers



Create an Ironfront interface with players online, bug reports, add friends, community boards, social networking - chat, donations link etc

This would keep things simple and compact.

⦁ Launcher optional
⦁ patch updater
⦁ custom mods: able to view and enable other mods (related to Ironfront)
⦁ patch notes
⦁ community notes
⦁ Server Browser

Playwithsix (PWS) and steam workshop is currently a nightmare, PWS is buggy, crashes too often and breaks mods. Steam workshop does not give you the options to select a directory on where to install your mod files. I would like to see a more organised approach, and have all my mods in one place, with easy access, and no doubt many others would agree. I am aware this a big task but I know we have some very talented people behind the scenes who could create something like this.

Is something like this possible?

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