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In other games this usually called as "map", but in Arma related games, we always use the "island" word,
because the terrain is much bigger, and sometimes it's really an island.
In Iron Front: liberation 1944 you can find four islands:

You can find detailed information about the island on their pages.

Historical accuracy

The historical accuracy was an important aspect during the development, and not only for the tank damage model,
but also to make a realistic terrain and environment. For this the developers used real world war two maps, and reconstructed
buildings from old photos. Many unique building and places is in the game, like the Baranow castle,
the Staszow marketplace and Church, and many more.

Island: Staszow
Poland Staszow 1944 (290km2)

Date:Summer of 1944
Size:290 km2

Staszow (or sometimes "Staszów") is a Polish town, in the south, southeast side of Poland. Nowadays it's population is about 15.000, and it's also have two river the Desta and the Czarna Staszowska.


In the game

Staszow island not only contain the town itself, but also the surrounding areas. This island is the biggest in Iron Front, and also the most complex one. Hundreds of roads, couples of villages, and to balance the game it's also have some airfield. There are no any river, but some small lake can be found.

Island: Baranow
Poland Baranow 1944 (64km2)


Date:Summer of 1944
Size:64 km2

Baranow is a small Polish town, in the south, southeast side of Poland. It's also very close to Staszow. In the border of Baranow lie the Vistula River.


In the game

In the game Baranow is the second largest island. The Vistula River cut it in the half, and for this Germans built two pontoon bridge, one for the west and one for the east side. Baranow castle also placed near to the river, and a few town also can be found here.

Island: Panovo
Ukraine Panovo 1944 (25km2)

Date:Summer of 1944
Size:25 km2

Panovo is place somewhere in western Ukraine.

In the game

This island is basically a training ground. Enough big for any size of simulation, and also very detailed. There are a few airfield, some ruins, a driving training ground, and many military installation.

Island: Ivachec
Ukraine Ivachec 1944 (1km2)

Date:Summer of 1944
Size:1 km2

Ivachev is a very small village, in the western side of Ukraine.


In the game

This island is the smaller one, just one square kilometer big, but very detailed. Perfect for testing and trainings.


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