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Me is one.

Just reading through the forums gave me some hope this game will still be somewhat alive, so I pulled the trigger.  Love the AA series.

Gunter Severloh

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For sure i wouldn't doubt it, everything is slow at the moment because i feel everyone is awaiting the IFR mod release, once it does the community will jump back into action.
Welcome to the Fan Forums by the way.


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I learned a hell of a lot on my 10 scenario Invasion 44 Mortain campaign for both scenarios and videos

Am learning a lot now in my new Hell in the Pacific series. 

I have all my research material ready for a new IF44 major historical tank clash that will be 9 to 12 scenarios in a series.  Even ordered several books on the battle - that cost twice what I paid for this game - to make sure I can accurately portray this relatively unknown and huge tank battle. 

With great scripts and editing tips from the greats on this forum and new mod content, I cannot wait to get started on the new IF44 series!!!

Then the sky is the limits as the modders can take us back to Eastern Front 43, 42, and 41 in Russia!!!!!  I plan also to learn to develop new maps and will work on this after my next IF44 series.  Will work on maps for IF43 - Kursk!!!!

The Hard Core supporters of this game have the patients of Saints.  Though our numbers may be few, our loyalty to this game and each other is GIANT!

So my hats off to the small cell keeping our hopes alive through their hard work!!!

PS, finished my first scenario in my Hell in the Pacific series. Now working on second of 9.  They become much easier after the first and believe I will be finished in two weeks, then a week for videos.  Then will post here in other game section.
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