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[KGB] IFA3LITE Capture & Hold Server - Franz Kaiser Missions

The good old times!

Thanks to the IFA3LITE mod, players now can play Iron Front on ArmA 3 for free, without the requierment of the original Iron Front game.

Most Servers are running the Wasteland, or KotH game mode. We wanted to bring back the old Capture & Hold mission from the old Iron Front days, so we contacted the FK Missionbuilder Maddock, who gave us the permission to port the missions to IFA3.

We are now running different versions of Capture & Hold missions.

You can find more information here:


Capture and Hold

Your side gets one point per minute for each flag that exceeds half of the total number of flags (might be different in some missions).

You can capture an enemy flag by going inside its zone and having a majority (1.5 times) presence there for 2 minutes.

The flags can be captured only in predefined sequence.

The currently capturable flags are marked with black circle on the map. The side with the most points in the end wins.

Depending on the mission parameters, you can transfer to flags controlled by your side through HQ tent.

All vehicles respawn after 3 minutes for destroyed vehicles.

The number of times a vehicle can respawn is:

30x for troops transport vehicles

10x for planes

3x for all others

HQ areas are protected by no-go zones that are fatal to trespassers on land.

The edge of the map is also off-limits.There are ammo boxes in the base and somes others located on the battlefield.

A vehicle is considered abandoned if there's no player inside for more than 3 minutes for most of vehicles,

except 1 hour fo support vehicle at base (ammo truck, repair truck, med truck, fuel truck) and pak at base (10 mns).

You may not to use enemy's vehicles. You can destroy enemy vehicles through the menu entry if the vehicle is abandon by enemy for more than 1.5 minutes.

There's transfer tent in some missions. You can use it to transfer to different predefined locations. For example, from a main base to an airfield.

Good luck and have fun!


Mods: You need the IFA3LITE Mod of course ArmA 3.


Server Name: "[KGB] Iron Front Capture & Hold - Franz Kaiser Missionen IFA3LITE"

Server IP:

Port: 2302

Teamspeak: ts.kgb-arma.de

Steam Groupe: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Berserker2013

VON: only direct and vehicle

We want you.

We hope to help Iron Front to its former glory and looking forward to see you on the battlefield.

If you like the project, let us know. We want to expand this project further, so let us know if you want to help us.

Lets see where it goes.


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Already played on this server! It was really nice [smile]
OuedMelizChannel: http://www.youtube.com/user/OuedMelizChannel
Gunter Severloh

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Welcome to IF fan forums.
This thread has been moved to IF player groups section, which is for servers, groups, clans, realism units, ect,.
Unless you have mission that is PvP that folks can download and add to their server then pvp section of the forums would be the place to post.


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Thanks Gunter,

you guys are doing a great job on this mod. I hope that more people start playing, it beats A3 Vanilla every day of the week.

@OuedMeliz01: Nice to see the first "veterans" from the old days on the server. Lets hope that more will follow.


RM Team
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already promoted it in our discord a bit, yet best you get on there yourself + stream discussions/groups

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Thank you, we will do that. At the moment, we are reworking our Homepage and Forum and when this is done, we will promote the server a bit more.

So far it is looking good, the server is up for two days and a lot of people like the game mode, because it is more fun to attack and defend and not just run and gun, like in wasteland, or KotH. We are constantly reworking the missions and we will add more. At the moment it is all taking place at the eastern front, so we will create some D-Day Missions first.

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