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Here is a quote from Fuby about the use of mission endings, may be of use to some.

END1 - All objectives achieved
END2 - All players dead
END3 - Out of time

Condition for END1:
obj_1==1 && obj_2==1 && obj_3==1

Condition for END2:
!alive player1 AND !alive player2 AND !alive player3 AND !alive player4 AND !alive player5 AND !alive player6 AND !alive player7 AND !alive player8

You can also use {alive _x} count units alphasquad == 0 AND {alive _x} count units bravosquad == 0
like Sander suggested but here you must make sure that alphasquad and bravosquad exists,
e.g. in the init line of the squadleaders you must type: alphasquad=group this.

Condition for END3:
obj_1==0 AND time > 600 This ends the mission after 10 minutes and if obj_1 has not been set to true (given that obj_1 is the main objective.

You may add forceEnd to the onActivation line in each trigger to force the mission ending.

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