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Below was originally posted on the official IF forums in 2012
Modding possibilities in Iron Front

The AWar studio, X1 Software, Deep Silver and Bohemia Interactive together made an official statement
about the modding possibilities in Iron Front: Liberation 1944.

We have to apologize for our incorrect statements about being able to provide exactly the same possibilities and process of community modding for Iron Front as Arma does. There has been a misunderstanding on our side until very recently (2012) about our agreement with Bohemia Interactive on the possibilities and limitations. Iron Front will allow modding, but there are limits and certain things to keep in mind. This is to not violate both our agreement with Bohemia Interactive and the license a modder accepts when he is using the BI tools suite.

What is possible:

  • To create, distribute and play user made scenarios for both Single- and Multiplayer without restrictions just the same way as it is in Arma games.
  • For addons and mods there is the possibility to create free DLC and the opportunity to make paid DLC to be provided in cooperation with X1Software/Awar(not possible anymore as the game is not supported by either parties)

To expand on the second point:
Bohemia Interactive has offered the very accommodating compromise to allow the modding community to have their work to be released as free standalone DLC for Iron Front, or to be integrated into Iron Front itself as free patch content or finally as paid content.To be able to do so, the modder (team) will have to license his/her (their) work to X1Software/Awar to be used for Iron Front.
    The license will be limited to Iron Front, the work remains the modder's (team) property and can be used in any game as desired.
A viable solution to ensure compatibility in MP may be to go along the same path as Arma 2 Free did with lower resolution textures and sounds for non paying Iron Front users.
X1Software/Awar will check the provided assets to make sure they meet the basic quality requirements and ensure a positive experience to the users.
     In addition X1Software/Awar will make sure the content contains no cheats or other abusive or non legal content
(does not violate other people's rights, e.g. is original content based on original content and not for example ripped off content from Arma; contains no banned symbols and the like). At the end X1Software/Awar will sign the content and provide various download options to distribute the content to the users.

What is not possible:

  • To use the BI tools suite or Arma sample models to create assets for Iron Front (unless the modder gets a personal license from Bohemia Interactive itself).
  • To port any BI asset to Iron Front nor to attempt to port any Iron Front asset into BI games.
  • The work may have to be tested using Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead during the development. We still have to check the possibilities of development.

To expand the first point a little.
This mostly concerns the use of Oxygen 2 and Visitor 3. For free and paid content
the modder will have to seek an agreement with Bohemia Interactive to get the permission to give the model or terrain
the finishing touches in the tools and still be able to distribute the work in Iron Front.

We are very sorry about the confusion and disappointment this news will cause to some people. At the same time Bohemia Interactive
offers very interesting and unique opportunities for modders for Iron Front here. Finally this way Iron Front will keep a hassle
free Multiplayer experience with no missing addons to look for by yourself.

Finally to ease modding all assets from Iron Front can easily be unpacked with community tools, most official multiplayer
missions can easily be edited, expanded and used to create new scenarios. We are also looking into providing sample models
to ease the implementation of the Iron Front tank and other systems in the modders work, as well as to provide
Iron Front vegetation, buildings and objects to create new terrains.

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