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Poor Old Spike

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Boot up the game and click 'Multiplayer' on the Menu and this multiplayer screen will come up.

Click 'Filter' at the bottom to Hide all the passworded games-

And have a look at the list of non-password games that anybody can jump straight into, hit the Refresh button at the bottom of the screen to update the list- 
There are 5 players in the top one, so i'll click it and join the party-

In less than a minute this screen comes up listing the players names in green on the right, and on the left is what they are (AT-guy, medic, sniper etc). It's randomly put me in the Machinegunner slot, I could change it if i want by dragging my name into the man I want to be.
NOTE- It doesn't matter what your man is in most games, you can always drive tanks and vehicles and fly planes. 

Click 'Okay' at bottom right and wait for the mission to load, and after a couple of minutes you'll find yourself standing at Base. Hit Enter(num) to go to 3rd-person view.
IMPORTANT!- now hit the < key a couple of times to open your 'Side' radio channel so you can listen to and talk to every human on your side. It'll read 'Side channel' at bottom left of the screen.
You can then talk by hitting key / and typing your message, and hit 'Enter' on main keyboard to send it. 
You'll find people generally don't talk much anyway because they're too busy doing their own thing. Some people use microphones for voice chat but I don't because it's hard to hear them anyway with explosions and things going on all round.
Nobody will tell you what to do, so just have fun doing your own thing which means simply helping your human mates clear the enemy AI bots out of the objective..[smile] 

Hit key M to bring up the map. You're one of the blue dots at Base at top left. Hit 'Tasks' at top left and click the top 'Main Target' in the list- 
Poor Old Spike

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IFR Team
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And the map will auto-zoom to the red-shaded objective. Drag the map with your mouse and roll the wheel to zoom in/out. The green flag at Farb East forward base is useful because we can teleport there and pick up a tank to save us a long drive from main Base. (they've mis-spelled it 'Fstb')

Okay hit M to get rid of the map, run over to the flagpole at main Base, roll the wheel and click Farb East-

And bingo you've teleported there-

Choose a tank and get in. You'll be driver and gunner yourself, so will have to keep hopping between seats.
Sometimes a human will jump aboard and take the gun, so pray he knows what he's doing or he'll get you both killed..[wink]

Hit map M, you're the blue Panther at bottom left, and the objective is northish, so steer about 350 degrees to get to it on 'Fast' speed. Tanks go almost as fast cross-country so don't bother with roads unless there's a big forest in your way. -
Poor Old Spike

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IFR Team
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After holding a course of about 350 degrees for a few minutes you'll be approaching the objective perimeter. Drop from 'Fast' speed to Normal speed so you don't charge into an ambush. Beware of enemy units that might be lurking  just outside the objective.
Keep glancing at the map throughout the game. Two Russki tanks (red icons) are trundling around-

Explosions indicate combat in the objective-

Use 'Slow' speed to stalk forward. Keep scanning around in external view Ent (num) and freelook *(num) looking for bad guys, and stop now and again to look and listen, there's no rush. The aim is to spot the enemy before he spots you.
"The day goes to whoever is first to plaster the enemy with fire"- Rommel
"Whoever fires first, wins"- Israeli modern tank doctrine

Okay, we prowl forward around the trees and sniff out a T-34/76, catching him side on haha! Jump into the gunner's seat by rolling the mousewheel-

And start pumping AP-shot into its thin side armour, you ain't a-walking away from this Leroy.. 

Squeal boy squeal...He fired back a couple of times which bounced off our front armour, and after he took half-a-dozen hits this fireball came out of his turret hatch and he fell silent-

A glance at the map shows Russki infantry swarming around like fleas on a hound dawg's back, so jump back into the drivers seat and start moving before they start throwing eggs.
Usually units only show up on the map if you've got line-of-sight to them. There are friendly units around but must be hidden behind houses and trees-

Have fun driving around crushing enemy infantry under your tracks, or hop into the gunner's seat and let them have it with the main gun and MG-

POSTSCRIPT- The Panther was shot out from under me soon afterwards by AP-shots from somewhere (probably by that second T-34) and I never even saw it.
"It's the one you don't see that gets you"- old fighter pilots saying
Poor Old Spike

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IFR Team
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Some multiplayer games have no Farb forward bases to teleport to, but they do have a PARACHUTE option. 

When you join, you'll be at main Base so look for a wireless truck like this one-

Run over to it and the word 'Teleport' should come up-

Roll the mousewheel and select 'Parachute' on the left-

And the map will come up, drag and zoom it to the red objective and click where you want to jump, either in or outside the objective.
I'll click the (gulp) centre of the objective- 

And bingo you'll find yourself in freefall over whatever spot you clicked on the map. Roll the mouse and select 'Open chute'-

And look around. There's a bunch of bad guys on the road down there-

But luckily the wind carries us away from them and we see we're dropping almost on top of an enemy Sd 7/1 Flak vehicle- 

But he hasn't seen us so we stitch him in the back with a burst of PPsh rounds-

After that, just run around shooting up anything you don't like. 
NOTE- Parachuting is the only way to get to an objective if it's far from main Base, but you'll have to fight on foot because you can't paradrop a tank.
If you don't mind a long drive to the objective you could grab a tank or jeep at main Base (if there are any).
You could also grab a plane at main Base and fly to the objective, bomb and strafe it, then bail out.


Some games like the one below use a slightly different Parachute procedure.
Open the map and do 3 clicks from left to right (arrowed)-

Scroll to any spot on the map and click where you want to jump. I'll be gung-ho and drop smack in the middle of the objective

I'm German in this game, the chute auto-opens and I find myself drifting down into the main Russki stronghold, I'm getting a bad feeling about this...
(I lasted about one minute after landing)
Poor Old Spike

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IFR Team
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Some multiplayer games have a very useful TRAIN TRAVEL feature which lets you move your tank (with you inside).
It's all abstracted and there are no trains or rail lines on the map, you just beam to your destination in the blink of an eye.
First, hop in a tank at Base and drive it a few yards to the flag-

Then open the map (key M) and do 3 clicks left to right in the circled sequence-

Scroll to the area of the red-shaded objective and find the nearest "rail station" to it, it's that yellow circle at the bottom. Click on it-

And bingo, you've been transported to the abstracted "station"-

Open the map to double-check you really are there, and to work out your route to the objective, there's a good road so you might as well drive straight up it.

Poor Old Spike

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IFR Team
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Hit key i to bring up the current score sheet and see how many points you've got in the right-hand column.
In this game every player gets a big dollop of points at the start-

But in other games you might only get peanuts at the start like this-

Click your mousewheel and select 'Main menu'

Select 'Vehicles'

And choose your toy if you can afford it, i'll buy a T-34/76. Hit 'Apply'

and bingo! it materialises in front of your eyes!
click cancel to get rid of the menu, hop in the tank and go off to war..[smile]

You can only buy stuff at a main base or forward base or mobile base.

In some games you start with no points or just a few points and can't afford anything, but if you don't mind fighting as an infantryman you can just hop in a free jeep and go off to war in that, or hitch a ride in somebody elses tank.

If you want to go to war in your own tank but can't afford to buy one, you can ask rich teammates to transfer some of their points to you. If they pretend not to hear you, you can mooch around base and wait for the game to automatically give you a few points every few minutes. For example if you want to buy a T-34/76 (cost 15 points) but you've only got 12 points in the bank, it's a good idea to wait a few minutes for the 3 extra pts you need.
But if you've only got 8 or less pts in the bank you'd have to wait 20 minutes or so to get up to 15 pts and it's not worth the wait.
Other ways to build up pts are by killing enemy units, including shooting down planes with flak.

Every game differs in costs and style, for example if you're lucky there'll be free tanks at base for you to hop in without having to buy them.
Don't worry about being killed in games, you'll automatically respawn.
You can always talk to people in the Side channel during games to ask for advice, most can speak english.
Also if you don't like a game you can Abort and disconnect, then re-connect and choose a new game from the Server list.

PS- the score sheet in the first pic is useful if you want to have fun trying to rack up a bigger points score than anybody else, but to do that you can't keep spending points on tanks and must fight as an infantryman all the time.
Personally as a tank geek I spend my points to the hilt on tanks, every time i have one shot out from under me I buy another, and another, and another, even though it means my points won't build up and i'll be low down the score sheet..[smile]

"That's what I want! That's what I want to have!"- Hitler to Guderian at a pre-war panzer demonstration at Kummersdorf   
Another Multiplayer thread here-
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