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"Now o'er the one-half world, nature seems dead"- Macbeth

At night or if it's dusk/dawn twilight, go to Options > Video and drag your Brightness and Gamma sliders to the right or you won't see much.
Also use your headlights (key 'L') to flush out zombies like this- 

This is a shot of Base just before dawn, I've left several vehicles lights on to help spot enemy units sneaking up-

But for much better illumination you can get a Flare Pistol and flares from an ammo crate and fire one off at intervals- 

That's one slowly coming down from the top of the picture, don't stare at it like this or you'll be dazzled.. 

...they light everywhere up nicely like this during their descent to earth which usually takes around 10 seconds, this is a standard white one but you can also have red and green- 
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