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Found this yesterday.It works great.I was even able to change it from German Mortars to Russian Ones-which means it's DEAD easy!!
The only drawback i can see is that from first "clicking"the artillery to rounds on the ground takes some time...so no sniping with mortars here!I'm sure it was Oksman ToH being realistic!
The effects are devastating...so don't call it in near you!
I love the "whistle",i still havn't got that on my Artillery barrages.
If anyone uses this and can post how to "speed"it up i'd love to know.Also how to "add"another mortar and if it could be used with "Katyushas".
It's Great as it is though,a one use mortar barrage,called in with a Radio Call,great for a Pre strike softner or getting rid of an annoying QRF or Counter-Attack.

Hope someone has fun with this,i'd post a screenshot but don't know how!!

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