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(IFL44+DDay DLC)

It's a Fun mode group (ie Recruit and Regular difficulty levels) and very easy-going.
Basically we simply e-mail each other to fix up a day and time to meet for a multiplayer game.
For example somebody might mail me and say "Hi you old fart, do you fancy playing such-and-such a scenario against me at 8pm tonight or tomorrow?", and I reply saying "Okay mate if you want trouble you've come to the right place!"
We can also exchange a few more emails before the start to discuss the scenario and it's Briefing etc.

If a scen is for 2 humans against bots that's fine too.
If it's a scen for more than 2 players, we can email around the group to rope more people in, and discuss who's going to be sniper, halftrack driver, tank driver, flyboy etc, depending whether it's against bots or split into two human teams against each other.

We all discuss things beforehand long before the start so that every manjack knows exactly what the objective is so that WE NEVER GO TO A START LINE BLIND!

A microphone is not necessary, and noobs are welcome...there's no 'sign-up', just drop me a PM to fix up a game..[smile] 
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