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Forum rules:  Rules are subject to change without notice.

(1) Please Treat ALL Posters with Respect and Courtesy
Anyone who is found to be abusive to another member will be banned at the Admin`s discretion.

(2) Do not post affiliate or referral links belonging to yourself or other websites, unless it is
directly regarding the game without the consent of the Admin team first
e.g. Clan/Group links are allowed, links to Iron front articles are allowed but links to your sales site are not [smile]

(3) Pictures and Signatures
Pictures are all to be externally hosted and linked via a URL forum code, no picture is to exceed 1000pixels wide.
Pictures should also be in .jpg format only and be of no more than 100kb in size (100000bytes).
Pictures should only be used in posts to highlight a discussion topic, random screenshots to be posted in the screenshot section of the forum only. Signature pictures and a few words are fine, an image no greater than 700x200 pixels in size is allowed.

(4) Use the search function
If you have a question, please use the forum search function before posting to make sure that
it hasn't been answered before. There is a big chance it has, not only does searching help to keep the
forum free of multiple threads it will also help you to get an answer much quicker.

(5) Do Not Cross Post
Do not post duplicate threads in more than one forum simply to get an answer quicker
or to draw more attention to your post.

(6) No Thread Hijacking
A thread hijacking occurs when one or more individuals commenting on the original posting,
go off topic, creating a separate conversation. This is rude, and bad internet etiquette.
If people want to discuss a different topic, they should start their own thread.

(7) Post in English
Please write only in English on the public forums. Avoid writing in any other language or any kind of slang or txt speak since
the majority of the members most likely won't understand. In private messages you are of course welcome
to write in any language you wish.

(8) Use Descriptive thread titles
If you start a new thread, please make sure your thread title explains what you want without forcing
people to read through your post first.
Thread titles such as "How in the world do I...", "Need help!" or "Will we ever see..." are anything but descriptive.
We do not allow these kind of titles and threads with such titles are subject to be closed.

(9) Admin and Mod jobs
Please do not ask to be an Admin or Mod if and when we need to recruit someone we will let you know.

(10) No Obscenity
You Must not post any obscene messages or pictures, including pornography or links to said material.
Doing so may result in an instant ban.

(11) No Piracy*
You must not post links to illegal downloads or copyrighted material such as movies and music.

(12) Keep it legal**
With all forums we are held responsible for all posts so please beware and think before you post.

(13) No Posting of Personal Contact Information
This is For your safety, Any public posting of any personal contact information will be removed.

(14) No Trolling - Do not post comments which have the sole purpose to cause an argument.
You may express your opinion on a topic, however abuse to anyone who doesn't have the same
opinion as you will not be tolerated. Trolls will be banned.

(15) No Flaming or posting of material intended to start a flame war
Forum wars are stupid and childish we will not get involved with them.

(16) No All Caps
This is seen as shouting and any post like this will be removed. It is also classed as rude Please don't do it.

(17) Keep things public
To make this forum successful please only use the pm system for the odd private message.

(18) Spamming of any type is not allowed
Where as some poor forums feel the urge to spam their way to the top we feel that only good
honest post makes a forum successful.
Any spam will be removed and the offended warned then banned.

(19) Word filter
It is there to protect everyone on the forum anyone found trying to avoid this will
be warned then banned and the post removed.

(20) A three strike system is in effect for any user failing to fully comply with the rules:
First Offense: A warning.
Second Offense: Suspended from the forum for 1 week
Third Offense: A permanent ban.
In severe cases the offender may be banned before making 3 offenses.
If you have a problem with any particular user, Please send a PM to Gunter Severloh.
Please do not contact moderators or Admin about silly childish petty squabbles.

(21) Complaints
We take pride in our forum however there may be times where some of our members or guest
may feel upset. If this is the case please send the Admin a pm clearly stated what you are upset about ,,
if you can take a screen shot to back up your claim then please do.
Anyone found to be abusing the complaints system will be removed from the forum.

(22) In Game Scripts
Any script shown in these forums belongs to the original author. If any of the scripts shown are
used for your own missions, the author if known should be credited. We accept no responsibility
for any problems that may arise from the use of any script or information taken from this site.

* By Piracy we mean

Illegal copying of a product such as software or music.
The unauthorized duplication and/or use and distribution of a software program, including
Music, Programs,Movies etc.

** By Legal we mean

The selling of any material including drugs, guns, knives and any other product under the currant law which is illegal.

Also the showing and allowing the showing of any material which is against the law and also against
the MyFreeForum Terms And Conditions, this would include pornography in any shape or form.

Rules courtesy of HOWTODOIT © Symon Field

Last update:
March 28th, 2020 by Gunter Severloh
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