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I've looked through this forum and so far havn't found an answer,forgive me if this has already been raised.With very little experience i don't know which one to choose from the Arma forums.
What i'm looking for is a simple respawn so that when the player dies he respawns into another "ai", with him still being the group leader.If he looses his original weapons etc. that doesn't matter.If it could be compatable with MP so much the better.

Many thanks 

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You are a group leader and you are killed. You are always given the option to end the scenario or to jump into the shoes of another man in the team.

Make sure you choose the new group leader and presto you are again the group leader.

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Sorry Joe98,
i was wondering if you could give me a link to the most commonly used/trouble free respawn.My apologies if i wasn't clear.
Gunter Severloh

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As Joe98 has suggested, in singleplayer when you setup a mission with a squad, be sure to make
each unit (soldier) of the squad playable, and you the squad leader.

Now when you die the next unit who has the highest rank will become the squad leader, if you hit your teamswitch key (T) by default
you can choose from the list which soldier you want, obviously you want to be the squad leader, in the list will be group leader, choose him.

As for Mulitplayer the same scenario as explained above doesn't work that way, rather you will actually need to setup a respawn, which there are many.

In my tutorial here: http://ironfront.forumchitchat.com/post/How-to-setup-a-respawn-for-MP-using-a-Base-respawn-6235616
How to setup a respawn for MP using a Base respawn is the title, this shows you the very basics of respawn, now there are 5 basic
types of respawn you can setup, here they are listed:
Sets respawn type.
  • 0 or "NONE" - No respawn
  • 1 or "BIRD" - Respawn as a seagull
  • 2 or "INSTANT" - Respawn just where you died.
  • 3 or "BASE"- Respawn in base.
    • Requires a marker named:
      • respawn_west
      • respawn_east
      • respawn_guerrila
      • respawn_civilian
    • Add markers named with the prefix 'respawn_west' with any suffix (eg: respawn_westABC, respawn_west1, respawn_west_2, etc)
    for multiple random respawn points. Similarly for east, guerrila and civilian.
    • Vehicle respawn in base requires a marker named:
      • respawn_vehicle_west
      • respawn_vehicle_east
      • respawn_vehicle_guerrila
      • respawn_vehicle_civilian
  • 4 or "GROUP" - Respawn in your group (if there's no AI left, you'll become a seagull).
  • 5 or "SIDE" - Respawn into an AI unit on your side (if there's no AI left, you'll become a seagull). With this respawn type, team switch is also available to any AI controlled playable units.
What you would need to do in your mission is the following:
  1. place a squad of AI or units you wish to add, and make them all playable
  2. create a description.ext script - read below at bottom of page
  3. place codes in the script, the following codes can be used:
respawn = side; (using this code based on the above review number 5 in the list)
respawndelay = 10; (10 means seconds as in 10 seconds before you respawn, this can be bigger or smaller if you want)

4. put description.ext into the usermission folder (the mission folder for the editor)
How to create a description.ext
Theres a couple of ways to create one use notepad, or Armaedit

-startup notepad
-add the following codes:
respawn = side;
respawndelay = 10;

save the notepad as Description.ext (do not misspell it!)
Be sure that after you have saved it that it doesn't have the .txt extension on it
Description.ext.txt  <---No!!!  Yes!!!---> Description.ext

Armedit you will need to download:
its patch

Install it anywhere.

  1. start armaedit, go to file (top left)
  2. go to new file description file (ext)
  3. paste the codes in the blank space
  4. save
  5. move the script to your missions folder for the editor
I recommend side for the respawn choice as that would be ideal for you, as long as you have enough friendly Ai to spawn
into then switch to the AI you want (squad leader) you can achieve the commanding of Ai you want while having the ability to respawn.

Hope that helps.


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A thousand thanks Gunter
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