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In the triggers there are only 6 “win” triggers. They are named  End#1 to End#6

I have been trying to find a way to have more than 6 win endings.  I have found a solution. This post is for those interested.

Place a trigger on the map and name it  t1.  In  On Activation type     e1 setpos (getpos box1);

Place a box on the map and name it   box1.

Now place a second trigger on the map and name it   e1.     In that trigger set the ending conditions, namely End#1.

Start the mission and have the soldier move through   t1.   When t1 is activated   e1   moves to a position over the box.

Attack the enemy position and when the criteria are met   e1   will fire  and the mission ends!


Using this you can set up 100 enemy positions at random across the map.  As you approach a position a trigger fires placing   e1   at the enemy position.  Capture the position and presto – you win!



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