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So being that I am a huge fan of anything ww2 and there being no servers that I can find, I have decided to create my own. Starting small only 8 slots but I will increase it if I can get it running well/at all.

I am using gameservers.com and I guess they will load mods for you via ticket submission but while waiting for that to happen, if ever, I am trying to get this thing running with the little knowledge I have with ftp and file editing. 

What I have done so far: Fresh arma 3 and IFA3 manual install patched to 1.13 and dlc 1.08.

I copied the 7 folders @CBA_A3;@LIB_DLC_1;@IF_Other_Addons;@IF;@IFA3SA;@IFA3M;@IFA3 

to my servers ftp and changed the Sever Command Line to

-profiles=C:\games\##_###_###_###_2302\#######\arma 3\config -config=server.cfg -port=2302 -IP=##.###.###.### -world=empty -gtqueryport=2304
-mod=@CBA_A3;@LIB_DLC_1;@IF_Other_Addons;@IF;@IFA3S A;@IFA3M;@IFA3

and update but when I restart server I can no longer find the server so something is wrong. Im assuming I need to do some server.cfg editing? What can I use for a default mission to start? I tried MP_COOP_m05.Omaha_Beach_1944 but that had no effect. 


So if someone could point me in the right direction or tell me if I am doing this completely wrong that would be awesome, Thanks!


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Well, I just got this...

Unfortunately all attempts at installing this mod have failed. There are a few issues here:

- We cannot patch the game. This requires executable to be ran on your server and this is something we cannot do.
- We cannot run the conversion process. This also has to do with executable being ran on our servers. We also do not have a copy of the original game. I have attempted to run the lite version on our test servers but had similar problems.

I recommend checking out http://www.armaholic.com/ as most of those addons will run without issue. (we cannot offer SQL support)

Gunter Severloh

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Only time I would ask for gameserver's support is if the server (base game is has issues, or theres something wrong with the server in general, aside that its all up to you.

I think your main thing is to make sure your server.cfg is correct, and the profile is where you want it, then really the first thing you need to do is not worry about
the mod so much but make sure Arma3 works and you can play it, as IFA3 is basically a mod for Arma3, so you want that working first, then start adding the mods.

What your adding in terms of mods imo should already be patched, dont try to patch it while its on the server or do a the conversion process, just drag
and drop like you did, mod should be ready to go on your end (client) then move it to the server, and make sure the server's command line is setup correctly.

Suggest for a simple test to see if its working is to make a simple mission in the editor where you put a soldier down and maybe
a tank and see if you can get that mission to show.

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