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Start-up parameters

The Iron Front game based on the Arma 2's engine, so this means some of the commands are similar.
You can see the important commands below, but if you would like to see the full list or want to know more about
how they work, please visit this page BIKI site.

How the Start-up parameters work

These parameters can be configured by creating a new shortcut on your desktop and
then adding the appropriate option in the target line.

For Steam version:

  1. Choose the game shortcut in Library
  2. Right click on the game
  3. Select properties
  4. Hit "Set launch options"


  "C:\Program Files\AWAR\Iron Front - Liberation 1944\ironfront.exe" -nosplash -ShowScriptErrors -world=empty

List of the important parameters

Client side Start-up parameters
-windowDisplays Iron Front windowed instead of full screen.
-nosplashDisables splash screens.
-world=emptySelect a world loaded by default. For faster game loading (no world intro in the main menu): -world=empty.
-skipIntroDisables world intros in the main menu permanently.
-winxpForces the game to use Direct3D version 9 only, not the extended Vista / Win7 Direct3D 9Ex. The most visible feature the Direct3D 9Ex version offers is a lot faster alt-tabing. May help with problems using older drivers on multi-GPU systems.
-showScriptErrorsIntroduced to show errors in scripts on-screen.
Server side Start-up parameters
-serverStart a dedicated server. Not needed for the dedicated server exe.
-port=<number>Port to have dedicated server listen on.
-pid=<filename>File to write the server's PID (process ID) to. The file is removed automatically when the exe is stopped. Only works for dedicated servers.
-ranking=<filename>Generates a ranking file.
-netlogEnables multiplayer network traffic logging.
-cfg=<filename>Selects the Server Basic Config file. Config file for server specific settings like network performance tuning.
-BEpath=<path>If you are running BattlEye this allows you to specify a separate path for the BattlEye auto updates - this is required if you are running multiple dedicated servers.
-par=<filename>Command to read startup parameters from a file.

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