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Poor Old Spike

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IFR Team
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I tried to put units on the walls with the editor but couldn't do it.
They could only be placed on these 3 towers, no scripting is needed, just plonk them on there like I've done (the blue dots)-

This is the West tower, note there are stairs you can run up and down if you're human, but AI bots might not have the brains to do it, but you can start them up there in the editor-

The South tower has no stairs, you can place AI bots on it with the editor, but if you start yourself there you'll be stuck up there for the duration of the war-

The East tower also has no stairs but AI bots can be started there-

Santa Six

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Best spots for Anti-Air.
Gunter Severloh

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Problem with putting Ai up on top like this is they tend to want to go prone when in combat mode, then they cant see anything,
nor shoot at anyone as they have the tower walls blocking their views, best to use a code that would keep them crouched or standing.

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