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Gunter Severloh

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The mod team are modelers, coders, textures, scripters, testers, and historians all giving their
skills to revive, and better the Iron front game and its DLC.

The IFR Team - (20)
  • Gunter Severloh - Mod Project Leader/ Administration/ Testing
  • T_Roc - Team Lead Developer/ Scripts/ configs/ modelling/ textures/ animations
  • Tay-UK - Administration/testing
  • Mlacix - Testing / Script helps (mostly related to missions)
  • Joarius - Texturing
  • Major Mayhem - Mission Maker/Scripter/Texturing/Mod Tester/Graphics
  • Barto - Historical accuracy/Testing
  • CAREEREVIL - Testing/historical accuracy
  • Fudge - Models/testing
  • [EVO] Dan - Scripting/testing
  • Scars09 - Scripts/ configs/ modelling
  • Rydygier - Scripter
  • DeadTomGC - Coding & Scripting
  • Lemmi242 - Modelling/Texturing/testing/Historian
  • Orlok - Bug hunting/feedback
  • PoorOldSpike - Historical accuracy/Testing
  • Proff3rtr - Historical accuracy/Testing
  • Heavy ax - Historical accuracy/Testing
  • Norrin - Scripts/ config.s/ modelling (3D Max and O2)/ basic textures/ animations
  • TurkishSoap - Texturing/ scripting/Historical accuracy/ testing
Joining the Team
If you want to join the team then post your reply, and let us know what you can do.
Joining the team means that you make yourself available and dedicate whatever time your willing,
and able to better Iron Front.

Requirements to join the team are as follows:
  • Own a copy of Iron Front, DDay - (DLC is optional)
  • Own a copy of Arma2 & OA
  • Own a copy of Arma3
  • Have the Arma2Co Conversion setup
  • Have the Arma3 Conversion setup
  • Enjoy WW2 history and are a fan of it
  • Familiar with the modding system of the Arma games
  • Have some knowledge/skills of the subjects listed below
  • Member of this forum
  • Have time to participate in working on projects
IFR is looking for modders with the following skills:
  • Map Makers
  • Modelling
  • Scripting
  • Coding
  • Texturing
  • Historians

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